Monday, September 7, 2009


During the past few days, the weather here has turned the corner from summer to fall, which means that I shed as much body hair as possible and begins dressing like a girl at every opportunity.

The first opportunity arrives this Saturday when I attend a wedding en femme, which will be a new experience for me. Too bad I am spoken for because I would have loved to try and catch the bride's bouquet; my height and long arms might have been an advantage there!

In preparation for my first time out since my June Manhattan adventure, I have begun the process of hair removal. I do it in steps over a few days to make it less daunting. Once I remove my summer layer of fur, I maintain it over the cooler months so that it is less of a chore each time I go out.

I bought three new dresses with the intention of wearing one to the wedding. I almost bought new shoes, too, but I already own so many pairs that match my outfit that I decided to skip another new pair.

Also, I bought new hair, which will make its debut at the wedding and I bought some new makeup to replenish my warpaint collection.

So, I am good to go and look forward to Saturday.


  1. I cant wait to see the photographs! Have Fun!, Scott

  2. Loved the comment about catching the bouquet! Why not? Go for it. Have fun!

  3. >I almost bought new shoes, too

    You have a strong will to resist another pair ;-) I am not sure I could.

  4. Where do you get your wigs from?

  5. MonicaM --- I usually buy from a local wig store. Lately, all my wigs have been the Noriko brand, which is available from most wig sellers.

  6. How nice it is to have somewhere to go and you can "dress up" as it is a formal ocassion. Plus a new outfit and hair, sounds wonderful!

  7. My dressing season is coming up quickly too, time to get rid of some fur.

    It's awesome that you are going dressed to a wedding. I am planning my own wedding for Halloween 2010. My fiance agreed to a 2nd ceremony and I get to be the bride. I've been planning for months now and it's still over a year away.