Saturday, September 19, 2009

the color purple

For the last three weeks, I have been trying to chase down a cable sweater dress that I saw on the Dress Barn web site. None of the Dress Barns around here have the dress in stock yet.

With a 20% off coupon expiring today, I decided to visit Dress Barn again hoping that the cable sweater dress had arrived. No luck, but they had a purple cable sweater dress in stock. It has short sleeves, a turtleneck collar, falls just above my knees, and now is hanging in my closet.

Funny that just yesterday, I mentioned to my friend Patty that I was sick and tired of all the purples I've seen in the fall collections, then the next thing you know, I am adding another purple item to my wardrobe!


  1. How do we get pantyhose to return to style?? So many of the fall catalogs are showing women wearing tights, but not pantyhose. It's getting harder and harder to find the pantyhose styles I enjoy wearing. In just the last year or 2, the selection at stores like Macys, Kohls, even Walmart, is so small. I figure the least I can do is keep buying them and wearing them to help prove that nothing beats a great pair of nylon-covered legs (even on a man)!

  2. I watched Beyoncé's recent live performance at the VMAs and thought that she just may be able to bring this fashion trend back. I'm for it.

  3. Actually, I like tights.

    I have been buying the Hue brand of tights for two reasons:

    1. They come in my size!

    2. I wear their black and espresso "opaque sheer to waist" shades and in my humble opinion, they are so sheer that they almost look like pantyhose.