Monday, September 28, 2009

August 1967

During the "Summer of Love," I was 16 years old and constantly experimenting with the wardrobes of my mother and sister whenever I was home alone. Always mindful that someone might come home at any minute, I dressed, painted my face, posed in the mirror, then reversed the process as quickly as possible.

I was confused as can be, but I knew what I liked and I liked dressing up and making up and becoming a young woman even for a few fleeting minutes. I cherished my girl-time alone, but I had no idea where it would all lead.

One day, I thought I found the answer in the August 11, 1967, issue of Life magazine.

In the news section of that issue was a short article titled "Now the Mini has a man in it." According to the article, "In a 'spontaneous' fashion happening miniskirts for men have begun showing up in Paris, Munich, London and Tokyo." The article included photos of miniskirted men (see above) in Europe and Japan

I was surprised, but I was also very happy because I naively assumed that the fad would catch on and it would not be long before boys in the USA would be wearing miniskirts, too. Then, I could go public wearing the skirts and dresses I loved.

It didn't happen. I waited patiently, but that fad never caught on. However, eventually, I did go public wearing the skirts and dresses I loved.

C'est la vie.

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