Monday, September 14, 2009


Now that I am well-rested and able to reflect with a clearer head about attending my first wedding en femme, I recalled something that I did not mention in yesterday's blog posting.

During the evening, I participated in a number of conversations with two or more people and during those conversations, it was such a pleasure to hear someone refer to me as "she."

I know it is such a little thing, a simple three-lettered word, but whenever I hear that word when it refers to me, it makes me so very happy.

Although "She" can mean different things, they are all good things.

"She" can mean that people have respect for the way I have chosen to present myself, that is, as a female, or

"She" can mean that people have accepted my female presentation, or

"She" can mean that people believe that I am female.


  1. Dear Staci Lana

    Respect, acceptance and belief are all wonderful characteristics of our species when we are at our best. You motivated those feelings in these people. How very nice for you, for your new friends and for your many fans...

  2. Looking really great there, Staci..!

    Well done, girl..