Saturday, September 12, 2009

get back hair

This morning, I shaved those body parts that should hairless when I am dressed en femme. This was my annual full-body depilation that I perform every September in anticipation of my first time out en femme. (I am going to my first wedding en femme this evening.)

This year, the task was quicker than in the past because it was the first time I used my Mangroomer back hair shaver to remove my back, chest, shoulder, and upper arm hair. The main attraction of the Mangroomer is that it has a extendable and adjustable handle that allows you to reach all areas of your back. I am 5'14" tall and had no problem shaving the far reaches of my back.

The Mangroomer costs $39.99 and is well-worth the price.


  1. Have a blast tonight! Looking forward to hearing your stories.


  2. Wow, and wow! The first one for the fact you only have to do this once a year, and the second for your attendance at a wedding in girl mode. To be able to be among friends and celebrate the happiest of times in this way says so much about you. You're an inspiration!

  3. What a tease, just enough to get us interested then the details just peter out. Hope you plan to report fully on this momentous foray.

    Caroline XX

  4. cdjanie --- As long as I mow the lawn occasionally, I can get avoid full-body depilation.

  5. I am still recovering from last night's wedding festivities and will have a full report ASAP, so please standby.