Wednesday, September 16, 2009

girl talk

I do not have a lot of male friends, partly because I do not participate in many male pursuits and partly because I do not interact well with many males. Both reasons have a lot to do with my preference for the female side of life.

I do not participate in many female pursuits either, but I do interact well with females.

Over the years, I have had more female friends than male friends. I always felt very comfortable conversing and confiding with my female friends and acquaintances, but seldom felt that comfortable with other males.

But being a male, my female friends and acquaintances usually seemed guarded to some degree when dealing with me because I was male.

Reflecting on my June NYC adventure en femme and on attending a wedding for the first time en femme on Saturday, I realized that the females I encountered while I was en femme acted differently with me than the females I encountered when in boy mode. In a nutshell, they dropped their guard and interacted with me as if I was one of the girls.*

I so enjoyed participating in "girl talk" in NYC and at the wedding. I discovered that I can be a little chatterbox and that the women I conversed with seemed to enjoy chatting with me.

Girl talk brings a whole new area of enjoyment into femulating for me. It is something that I never expected, but now I relish the opportunity to talk with the girls again.

* Yes, I know in my heart that I really am "one of the girls," but it always surprises me when other people think I am one of the girls, too.


  1. I bet you really aren't a chatterbox! It was simply that for once you had the opportunity you had probably long for for a great while!

    I envy your wonderful wedding adventure and hope you soon might become simply the person you truly are all the time!

  2. Staci, luv this article. The first three paragraphs sound just like your speaking for me too. Taking the words out of my mouth and my life.

    I so enjoyed your wedding adventure. You write well and so close to home for many.

    Thank you. Be safe and Be well.

  3. This is one of the best things you have written and really is right on point. I found that men tend to think women silly and talking about nothing. I got in an argument with a guy once because women talk about real stuff - things that actually happen in their lives: clothes, people, homes and the like. Men talk about things they have no influence over. When guys become complete bores talking about football, for example, they will have really nothing to do with football. They don't play it anymore. If women talk about fashion its something that is real in their lives. Guys are the unrealistic ones.

  4. Staci Lana

    Spot on as always. Women have a natural gaurdedness in their interactions with men. Well justified too.

    The walls come down in the company of women, and it seems in the company of people presenting, respectfully as female.

    I have been privvy to the most surprising conversational intimacies while en femme. Things that guy-mode me would never hear. Those moments are thrilling affirmations that I am on the right track.

    We must appear as sympathetic, or having paid our dues in some way.

    Femulation has priveleges you might say ....