Monday, February 9, 2009

tall women and chickipedia

During the weekend, I discovered Chickipedia, which bills itself as "world's largest web-based, women-based, wiki-based database of hot chicks on the planet."

Poking around the Web site, I noticed that it lists the heights of the women in its database, so I poked around some more to see if there were any women who were not on my Famous Females of Height list.

I found the following tall women, who I added to my list:

Kate Beckinsale, 5'8"
Dorothy Stratten, 5'9"
Jayne Kennedy, 5'10"
Kate Middleton, 5'10"
Paulina Porizkova, 5'11"

I was surprised I missed Ms. Beckinsale because she is one of my favorite actresses!


  1. One more woman of height and vast beauty for your list. Netflixing my way through the underappreciated Aaron Sorkin series "Sports Night" with my wife last night. I had to suppress a gasp at the appearance of Brenda Strong (love the name too) who must be a 6 footer.

    God bless her she seems to insists on 3 1/2" pumps too.

    Admire at your own risk ....


  2. Petra --- Thank you, but Ms. Strong is already on the list (at 6'0").