Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not dressed, too ill

I have a head cold that just won't give up and its timing could not be worse. I had arranged a Very Indulgent Party (VIP) at a local Dress Barn for my support group and I was supposed to host the party on Sunday.

Usually, I dress to kill when I go out en femme. That means a dress, high heels, full makeup, bling, etc.

I felt better on Saturday and I thought I would be healthy enough to wear my hostess outfit the next day, but I had a relapse on Sunday and was in no shape to dress to kill for the party. It takes a lot of energy to dress to kill and my illness had drained most of the energy out of my body.

I thought about hosting the party in boy mode, but I decided that that would not be appropriate. Then, I thought about compromising and dressing androgynously to host the party: just a pair jeans and a top.

But wait; that's my normal boy mode outfit, so I would need to femme it up a bit. I could wear a wig, a little makeup, the dress trousers I bought at Lane Bryant, a pretty top, a little bling, my booties, a purse, etc.

But wait; I will have to wear my waist cincher, panty girdle, and long line bra with that outfit. Now I was on the verge of dressing to kill and I was not up for it. So, I decided to forget about it.

There is no in-between in my female wardrobe. It is either all or nothing. So I need to add a pair of female jeans to my wardrobe. Darn! I could have bought a pair at Dress Barn!


  1. I'm a GG and there are days when I can't face putting on full drag either, yet I don't want to look like a slob either. We all need some outfits that are comfortable (i.e., don't require serious foundation garments) but presentable for such occasions. Maybe a tunic and leggings, a pair of palazzo pants and a jacket?

  2. Didn't you feel poorly last time you hosted one of these also?

  3. Anonymous --- Yes, I must shop for some casual outfits.

  4. Lauralee --- I was unable to attend the last one because after shoveling snow the morning of the party, I was placed on the disabled list.