Tuesday, February 3, 2009

11 stories about crossdressing

I found these 11 short stories about crossdressing awhile ago.

I read them, enjoyed them, and forgot about them until I found them again.

I read them again, enjoyed them again, and instead of forgetting about them again, I am passing them along to you to read and enjoy.

So, enjoy!


  1. Hi again
    Just posted above and found upon checking your link for this post that there is no way to 'read' the stories.

  2. Anonymous --- Clicking on the link in the first sentence (not the title) takes you to the stories.

  3. I having a great time reading all your older post. These 11 stories really click with me,I can relate to most of them

  4. I go by the name of Sillyboy4266@yahoo.com and I wanted to ask if what I am doing is wrong. I dress up and go out in public and enjoy it but I don't want to be a women. I do it because I like the feel of being seen by ladies while I am dressed in a dress and bra oh and can't forget the heels and hose. Am I doing wrong and by the way I am not passable. I have a mustache and I am muscular .

  5. To that last anon., I'm the same way. sort of. I opened up back in October as a crossdresser for the past 8 years. Now that I'm open, I wear everything, whenever I get the chance. i like walking around in womens clothing... in some ways I feel more masculine. I too dont want to be women, you're not doing wrong though. I love being a crossdresser, it's like having a better sense and fashion. That and womens clothing are sooo much more comfortable... along side that, I'm not passable -- most days -- either. I've got a small mustache, and am semi-muscular. But I've got long hair, usually straightened nad in a pony tail. From behind; Im passable -- so I've been told.. anyway. I say just keep going. I would love to walk around in womens skirts and dresses. But where I'm from, I'd probably be on the ground faster than anyone can say stop, that and, seeing that I'm in my home town and have a previous reputation; it's still sinking in for some. But I envy you. I love skirts. I love G-strings, tight pants and everything really.. I've become huge with fashion ever since I opened. :D

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Hi Girls,
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  7. Hello Stana, I still cannot find stories. Have you read the book "A year among the girls" It give the background to Casa Sucasa. Lynn Tanaka

    PS I found the 11 stories. Thanks

  8. Hi Lynn --- Yes, I read that book when I was in high school in the late 1960's. It was an eye-opener for me. Would you believe that I read that book cover-to-cover non-stop in one night?

  9. Thanks for telling us about these, I really like them.