Saturday, February 21, 2009

male homecoming queen

Mr. and Ms. Mason 2009 from Connect Mason on Vimeo.

Ryan "Reann" Allen, a senior at George Mason University, won the homecoming queen title earlier this week.

When not attending school, the newly crowned "Ms. Mason" performs as a drag queen in area nightclubs, but her appearance as homecoming queen concealed her drag queen roots. Instead of resembling an over-the-top drag queen, she dressed more like a typical co-ed might dress when competing for the title: natural makeup, gold sequins top, short black skirt, black tights, etc.

Good job, Reann!

You can read all about it here.


  1. As someone who was at GMU homecoming (of 9800 in attendance) and saw the crowning of the king and queen what was surprising was than many/most folks didn't realize Reann's back story. The people next to me just commented "...she sure is tall."

  2. Anonymous --- Your story sure puts the whole episode in a different light. Thank you for sharing.