Wednesday, February 25, 2009

excellence in femulation (partie trois)

Originally, "drag balls" were formal dances sponsored by GLBT organizations (often a college or university GLBT group) in which the attendees crossdressed. Males wore evening gowns and females wore tuxedos or other formal or semi-formal wear.

Google "drag ball" and you will find a few examples.

Some time ago, I did just that and came across unique before and after photographs of drag ball attendees in normal wear and in drag ball wear. The photos were unique because it depicted a group of five males before and after they donned their gay apparel. (You can find a lot of before and after photos of individuals on the Internet, but almost never before and after photos of a group.)

Regrettably, I lost the information concerning who is depicted in the photo and where the drag ball took place. However, I do have the photos and am pleased to display them here and announce that the the Femulate Awards Committee has bestowed the coveted Excellence in Femulation Award upon this group of five unknown femulators.

(As always, click on the photo to magnify it.)


  1. Wow! A couple of them are actually hot en femme.

  2. Jaye --- I agree. This wasn't your typical frat-boys-in-Halloween-wigs drag; these guys (well at least five of them) put a lot of effort into their femulation.

  3. When I was in college and worked for student housing, my boss held an annual drag pageant. He never asked me to participate because, based on my boy-mode "FBI agent" haircut, DOD contractor summer job, and zero tolerance for drugs/underage drinking, he thought I was too conservative to agree to wear the dress. If he only knew!

    Anyway, the "girls" in the pageant always looked pretty convincing.

  4. Roscoe --- Too bad he didn't ask!

  5. Its just as well that he didn't. My ex-SO took all the pictures of the events, and we had enough problems two years ago when photos surfaced in court from my past after *family* sold us out to opposing counsel.

    I have a decent relationship with the ex-, but, as the pelican says on "Finding Nemo", "Fish gotta swim. Bird's gotta eat." These days, she's broke.

  6. Amanda TassieJune 08, 2011

    the photos are from webshots and are from a drag ball that the boys attended in November 2003. The links are and

    If you also look at Kanman83's album in webshots, he dressed before for halloween so maybe this was the start of something for him?