Thursday, February 5, 2009

short takes

male model alert!

Yesterday's Femulate This: model (right) earned my first Male Model Alert! In the future, I will issue such alerts whenever I suspect that the Femulate This: model is a male modeling as a female.

The fashion industry is employing more and more males to model as females and their images are beginning to show up in the places I explore for my Femulate This: models. In fact, I just turned up another suspect last night and I am sure I will find more in the future.

(I know my findings are purely subjective on my part and you should take them with a grain of salt.)

fading fiction sites

I noticed that two of my favorite trans fiction sites are in limbo. fictiomania is no where to be found and Crystal's Story Site has not been updated in awhile.

Anyone have a clue as to what is up with these Web sites?

a rose by any other name

Call me Staci Lana.

It's official; I've changed my name from Staci Hunter to Staci Lana.

It's a femulator's prerogative to change her name and there you have it.


  1. Staci Lana,

    I'm surprised no one had responded on this one. Fictionmania has been down since September due to a server crash or something like that. The server was located in another country, and needed replacement drives or other components. IIRC, the FM Taskforce have spent the interim putting things back together on a new server, and all the databases and whatnot needed to be rebuilt, in some cases by hand. It's been a slow process, but they assure that the site should be back online soon. I think Crystal's down with personal issues.

  2. Jaye --- Thank you for information.

  3. "The fashion industry is employing more and more males to model as females." Do you have any links to stories you've found about this? I can find none. If you have some, please post them!

    As for the photos... I think it's your imagination. Dirty little secret: a lot of fashion models are sufferers of Triple X syndrome, also called "Trisomy," meaning they have XXx chromosomes. It makes them tall, it makes them thin, it makes them outrageously beautiful, and sometimes a little adrogynous. it also makes them remain young looking longer than normal.

  4. I have been noticing more and more male models femulating. Lane Bryant has a male model in one of their online target ads. I've even seen one on a large poster in the window of New York & Co. I guess there just aren't enough skinny women out there.

  5. Jamiegottagun --- For starters, read about male female models here, here, and here.

  6. Jennifer72 --- Do you have a URL for that Lane Bryant online ad?

  7. I would say that if any designer is likely to use trans girls, in fact, welcome them with open arms it would be Todd Oldham. Todd had Billy Beyond walk many a show.
    I think, I'm not sure, but I think that TJ,....the blonde in here
    walked a bit after her appearance in 'Paris Is Burning'

  8. edit

    CJ....not TJ

  9. Well, thanks for the links, that's what I wanted to see, but those aren't exactly what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of credible news stories, not links from this blog about urban legends. I just can't believe that if this practice was as wide-spread as you're insinuating that there wouldn't be some media coverage of it anywhere.

    But I love the fantasy! I hold on to it as such till I see something more verifiable :-)

  10. Stacy, the ads I was referring to were pop-up targeting ads. I had to screen shot them. So here you are. If they aren't using a male model, well I'll eat my hat. lol

  11. Put some salt and pepper on it, it will taste better. That's a girl. I think you ladies need your T-DAR adjusted :-)

  12. I always liked Staci Lana Hunter and thought it was a really neat name

  13. Lauralee --- Thank you! Comments like your may make me switch back1

  14. Hi
    Look at this. I'm not suggesting this is a man, but it goes to the post.

    I tend to agree with you that there are, have been and always will be transgendered girls in the modeling industry.

    More power to them. I'd love to know though.

  15. Anonymous --- The author removed the video from YouTube before I had an opportunity to view it.


    I copied this and pasted it in my browser @11 40 pm on the 12th and it worked.

    nevertheless, if you can't view it's probably because you don't have a Youtube account...this video is rated 'mature' content so one has to sign in and age verify in order to view it.
    The channel is fashionTV -not what you're thinking! :)
    the model's names is Dolores Trull
    and there is nothing even remotely porno about the clip, it's just she's in her bra and panties.
    btw...there are thousands of model clips in this channel!!

  17. Anonymous --- I copied the URL, pasted it into my browser while logged into my YouTube account, and I still get the video was removed by author message.

  18. Oh well...don't know why then
    but do google Dolores, there are plenty of pics