Friday, February 13, 2009

be my valentine!

I posted this vintage Valentine's Day greeting card here last year, but since my blog's readership has more than tripled since that time, at least two-thirds of you never saw it, so I am posting it again for everyone to enjoy. (Click on the image to magnify it and see it in its full glory.)


  1. This is so fabulous!
    I love it so much that I played around with it a bit before printing it onto almond colored resume paper. I framed it and gave it to Jeanie for Valentine's Day.
    It's not so easy to find the perfect card for a cross dresser...and yet you give me hope by knowing if I look hard enough I can always find the right romantical loverly gift.

  2. The Crossdresser's Girlfriend --- It is a great find and I'm happy that you were able to put the card to good use!

  3. this is so fantastic, found it doing a search for vintage valentines.