Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is reputed to be the national holiday for crossdressers. And sometimes I do celebrate our holiday.

I was thinking about going to work today dressed as Sarah Palin, but I scratched that costume idea because I like to have a unique costume and the Alaskan Governor seems to be everyone's choice this year. So I thought about doing goth schoolgirl because I already have all the pieces for that costume (short black pleated miniskirt, ripped fishnets, high heel boots, etc.), but I lost my enthusiasm to get in costume because I have been feeling rundown all week from a cold or allergy attack that has been bothering me for about a week.

As it turned out, nobody showed up in costume at work today. I am torn; if I wore a costume, I would have been the only one to do so and would have felt a little out of place, however, I sure would have received a lot of attention (and I love attention).

I have dressed en femme for work in the past, but only when there was some kind of company-sponsored Halloween celebration. (You can read about one of those Halloween escapades here.) So far, I have not had the nerve to dress when there was no company-sponsored celebration. Maybe next year.

My support group had their Halloween party last Wednesday while I was attending Fantasia Fair, so I missed that opportunity.

So, looks like I won't be crossdressing for our big holiday this year. But I will leave you with a photo of my Halloween costume from 2004. It is my favorite costume, my best effort and I don't think I will ever be able to top it. But, wait until next year!


  1. That picture is amazing; great job! How were you able to get your skin so smooth up top / arms? What did you use for your boobs?

    Great job!

  2. anonymous --- Thank you for the kind words. I have naturally soft skin, so once I remove the hair, it looks fairly feminine. For boob, I taped my breasts together using surgical tape to get the cleavage and filled out the top with my home made falsies.

  3. Staci, great outfit! I thought I did good this year as a Civil War ERA "Southern Belle"; your outfit there is amazing! -- Tonya

  4. Tonya --- Thank you for the kind words! I have to admit that my costume does look authentic.

  5. Staci, "Kind words"? It is true, you "pulled off" the look. Tonya