Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Week

Thursday evening, I am participating in a panel discussion on "LGBTQ communities" at St. Joseph College in West Hartford for an undergraduate course called "Cross-Cultural Psychology."


Friday is Halloween and I have no plans to dress in costume yet. There is nothing officially going on at work to celebrate the holiday, but I am keeping my ears open to find out if anyone is planning to wear a costume on Friday. If so, I may dress in costume, too. Then again, I may dress anyway even if no one else doing so.


Some time this week, I plan to visit the local Dress Barn to arrange a Very Indulgent Party for my support group. Here's the deal:

* Get up to ten friends (they'll do more, but ten keeps it fun for everybody) and book a party with Dress Barn by filling out their VIP form.

* I can book the party whenever I want, but they are willing to do it after hours if I want so we can have the entire store to ourselves.

* As the hostess, I get 25% off my entire purchase.

* My guests get 15% off.

* Staff will be there to help coordinate outfits.

* They provide refreshments.

Dress Barn has a reputation for being trans-friendly and they have hosted parties for trans girls before, so I expect they will go for it.


  1. Awesome party idea...anyhoo..in what ways do you think the panel discussion will go? What are you planning on speaking about?

  2. Swhit --- According to the professor of the class, the panelists will "talk about the 'culture' they live in, what it was like coming out when they did, how society has acted toward them, how religion/spirituality is or is not a part of their lives, about marriage or not, about children, relationships, work, siblings, parents, etc etc etc."

  3. Tre Cool...let us know the highlights...