Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Week: Change of Plans

Dunno if I caught a cold or am suffering from allergies, but I have felt poorly since Fantasia Fair Thursday. The lack of sleep during the Fair certainly played a part in it, but something else was going on and I had to take mass quantities of Vitamin C to try to keep things in check.

Vitamin C got me through the Fair, but when I returned home, I began feeling worse and started a regimen of allergy medicine to get me through it. Today, I still feel out of sorts and have a very low level of energy.

I do not feel up to visiting Dress Barn to set up a party for my support group, do not have much interest in dressing for Halloween, and the little woman convinced me not to do outreach tonight. So all my plans for this week have changed.

All things considered, I'd prefer to be in bed.


  1. Certainly could be a number og things: the emotional stress of a full week en femme; little sleep.
    And I sam suffering from all this leaf mold in the air... I'm really sensitive to it!
    So... take care of your self... pay attention to the inner psyche, too, post Fantasia fair -- how did it affect you, in what ways, etc.

  2. Deborah --- I definitely got lot less sleep last week than I usually do and I am sure that played a big part in my ills. That and all the stuff floating in the air this time of year. Emotionally... I dunno... I still feel pretty good about it all on that level.

  3. I am happy you felt so good about FF! Luck girl, you!