Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vote Sam Caliguri Out of Office

I am a liberal. At work, I am probably the most liberal person in the building. (I work in an engineering design and development shop and my fellow employees tend to be more conservative than I.)

I do not mix politics and work unless I am confronted by someone who is in my face with their political views. Most people know how I lean, so they don't confront me, but occasionally someone will.

Similarly, I do not mix politics and this blog unless it has a direct connection with trans issues. (The "Femulators for Obama" button down in the lower right frame is an exceptions, but it is just sitting there on display minding its own business. I have not been in your face blogging incessantly about Obama, McCain, Biden, and Palin.)

But I will get in your face about the candidacy of the State Senator running for re-election in my district, that is, the 16th senate district of Connecticut, which includes the towns of Southington, Wolcott, and parts of Cheshire and Waterbury.

In May 2007, the Connecticut state senate passed the gender anti-discrimination bill by a 30-4 margin (it died in the state house of representatives). My state senator voted against it. He also voted against the bill when it came up for a vote in his committee (the Education Committee) and I suspect that he will vote against the bill again if he has an opportunity to do so in the future.

For that reason, I urge you to vote against Sam Caliguri if you live in the 16th senate district of Connecticut.*

I also urge you to vote against the referendum calling for a state constitutional convention. Some of the groups in favor of that referendum are against GLBT and woman's rights and I assure you that they would do no good regarding trans issues.

* Senator Caliguri irks me for other reasons. He is one of those Republicans that hides the fact that he is a Republican. I have yet to find a mention of his party affiliation in any of his campaign literature. In fact, his campaign literature gives the false impression that he is an "independent," which he is not. Also, when I wrote to him to ask him to support the the gender anti-discrimination bill, it took him eight months to respond! I guess he was too busy being independent.


  1. Most people, esp. including transgendered, don't like to talk politics, to be political, and deal with the conflict it engenders. But in plain cases such as this, Staci has shown that human rights are an important basis for all of us in living. For us transgendered, it is doubly so. It is necessary to speak out, take a stance, and stand up for ourselves. Not all of us wish to do that -- but the more the better!

  2. Staci, I am not one for politics either. I have been known to "debate" (normally turns into an argument) both sides of an election. Like you I am tired of hearing how one party is greater than another.

    I do like your comment here. You have specific reasoning for voting the person out. I do hope there is another candidate that has more comptatable views.


  3. I'd make an appointment to visit him in his office and discuss the bill. Dressed as Staci, of course.

    It'll put a face on his fear.