Sunday, October 12, 2008

prep work

In preparation for Fantasia Fair, I shaved my armpits yesterday.

Of all the body parts I depilitate, my armpits are the most sensitive and I must follow a routine a few days before I go out en femme in order to have armpits that are hairless and painless.

I apply Gold Bond powder first. Then, I use the sideburn trimmer of my electric razor to remove the long hair. Next, I apply powder again and use the rotary blades of my electric razor to remove the remaining hair. Then, I apply the powder again.

Next day and perhaps another day or two, I apply powder and eschew deodorant because the deodorant will burn like heck. After two or three days, I can use deodorant again.

Maybe there is a better way, but this way works for me.


  1. lotsa greenJuly 30, 2011

    I never heard of such sensitive armpits..

    and what is this GoldPowder? If there is an antibiotic in it, it would explain some things like the allergic reaction you had with your eyes for example.

    For most people vet cream works, apply the cream and later scrap of the hairs.

    But I read you have now less problems with the new razor?

    The first months for me were uncomfortable but with time I think the skin will be less sensitive.

    I absolutely disliked how it felt with the short regrowing hairs.

    Talcum powder is great to keep it dry and lessen the uncomfortable sensations when everything rubs against each other.

    I mostly do not use normal deos, there are deodorant crystals, do you know them?

    You rub it over the damp skin and it will prevent you from sweating too much without adding any odour but lessen the body odour instead.

    I think it is very nice because one crystal lasts a year or longer, it does not cause any bad reactions and you can apply the scent you want and do not need different scented deodorants.

    There are just too many suspicious ingredients in all these cans and bottles which can irritate the skin and cause allergys and what not.

    Did you ever wager the thought of permanently removing the hair under your armpits?

    If that is the most uncomfortable place for you it would be an idea?

    And it is a small area, relatively cheap and you would never have to worry again about scratchy hairy pits or how they will become iritated.

  2. Lotsa Green --- My armpits did not like it whenever I used an electric razor, but when I switched to a manual razor and a gel shaving cream, my armpits were very happy.