Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nair vs. Veet

During my lunch hour, I went to my nearby discount department store to buy some things I needed at home. Near the top of my shopping list was Nair.

I have been using Nair like forever to remove hair and have learned what parts of my body to avoid because certain body parts do not like Nair at all. Those areas are my underarm area, areas near the base of my neck, and my nipple area. I am a happy Nair camper as long as I avoid those sensitive areas.

So, I visit the Nair area of my nearby discount department store and the Nair shelf is empty. I am shocked; there's nary a bottle of Nair to be found. (Maybe there is a crossdresser's convention in town and they bought up all the Nair! But, not likely because I would have heard about it.)

I noticed that there were a few bottles of a Veet on the shelf below the empty Nair shelf. I picked up a bottle and after reading the label, I concluded that it is similar to Nair, so I put two bottles in my shopping cart and kept on shopping.

During a break in the action at work this afternoon, I decided to see what the Internet had to say about Veet. I read the reviews and I became very worried about my purchase. Three out of four reviews were negative with reviewers complaining about all sorts of skin problems related to their use of Veet.

I was ready to get back in my car and go get a refund, but before I took that step, I checked to see how Nair faired in the Internet reviews.

Turns out that the Nair reviews were as bad as the Veet reviews. It seems that more people are more sensitive to Nair than I am, so I assume the same goes for Veet and I am safe, but I am holding onto my receipt just in case.


  1. I've tried both products, and have gotten indifferent results from each. Maybe it's my body chemistry or summat, but both end up leaving lots of hair to shave. Other than wax, I've had the best results from those European hair "buffing" pads that you can sometimes find.


  2. Someday I have to tell you my story with Nair and my nipples :0

  3. I use Sally Hanson. I like it, but it seems to leave spots I must shave. I may be not using enough; I'm not sure. They have a new "spray" bottle which I haven't tried yet.

    It seems like, after SH, hair grows back VERY fast. I can see dark hairs on my arms within 24 hours. I don't know if this is better/worse than other products.

    I leave it on for the maximum time (it says 3-10 min; I do 10) and have had an irritation once when I didn't get all of it off. I will NEVER do that again!

  4. I guess I am luckier than a lot of people using Nair. As long as I avoid those sensitive body parts, Nair works very well for me even when I have that woolly mammoth layer of hair after not depilating all summer.

  5. AnonymousJune 19, 2009

    hi.....i used 2 shave before i saw the ad for veet in the tv so it was by my fave celeb n i went......sure i will buy n i used it shocked dat it worked so well for me....left no stub coz i use veet cold wax strips-for normal skin n u no my hair grows super fast.....hairy person n i was shocked dat it really lasted 4 weeks n gave a great smell .....recommmended it so much1!!!:}

  6. I have used both veet and nair and I have a decently bad reaction to nair. Veet is really good because it works just as good as nair but it is much gentler and I CAN use it on my underarms and those sensitive areas! Strongly recommended!!