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My “Zer0 to 80” post about creating AI images resulted in a lot of interest, comments and questions, as follows.

What application are you using?

I use DreamUp, which is an app associated with Deviant Art.

Any tips on getting started?

For some tips to get you started, click here. Those tips are very basic. I learned more by using the app and experimenting.

DreamUp works by sending text (a “prompt”) to the app describing what you want. For example, when I sent the following prompt to the app:

    50-something male man crossdressed as leggy businesswoman in office for halloween

The app generated the following image:

If you resend the same prompt to the app, it will create something completely different. For example, resending the prompt that created the previous image resulted in the following new image:

Other apps?

I tried a few other online AI image apps, but I was not satisfied with the crossdressers that created. They looked like real females without any hints of being male, whereas DreamUp crossdressers, although passable had male clues. 

A couple of readers commented that AI had problems with shoes. 

Sometimes AI has a difficult time with human arms, fingers, legs, feet, etc. I’ve seen extra legs, arms and fingers on some images! But most of the time, it does a good job.

Another reader asked how I aged the “ladies” in the “Zer0 to 80” post.

I did not age the “ladies.” Each of the eight photos is a separate AI creation. A simple example: I commanded AI to create a “photo of 18-year-old crossdressers wearing LBDs and high heels,” then I commanded AI to create a “photo of 20-something-year-old crossdressers wearing LBDs and high heels,” etc., etc. up to 80-something-year-olds.

And so it goes.

If anyone has an idea for an AI image related to femulating, I will gladly try to create it. (I love the challenge!)

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Rue La La

Lavern Cummings
Lavern Cummings


  1. I really like that houndstooth skirt suit.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Me too! So much so that I wanted to buy it, so I searched the Internet and found that it was from the Dior Spring-Summer 2020 Collection. Besides being too late to purchase, being Dior it is certainly very expensive and most likely does not come in my size! Sigh!

  2. FWIW, Bing's Image AI system can be quite good, IMO. You will need a Microsoft account to use it, mind. It'll provide a 2x2 grid of images based on your prompts and you can pick from them the one you like the most. Oh, and it keeps record, so don't do it on a work account πŸ™‚ I've used it to create cartoon or artistic images, but nothing photorealistic.

    Stable Diffusion seems to take longer and only makes one image at a time. However, it's anonymous and doesn't keep your history.

    1. Thank you for that, Lynn. I tried it out last night and was up until 2 AM playing with it!

    2. No worries. I'm sensing in your future, an afternoon nap πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks Paula G

  4. Stana thank you for this post. It answered a lot of questions. I had about AI imaging. I started working on this yesterday and I am having a ball with it Paula G