Tuesday, January 9, 2024


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Julie Nighthawk
Julie Nighthawk


  1. Not gonna lie...even if dad's old suits were a perfect fit, I wouldn't want to wear them, especially when there are beautiful dresses like that in the closet!

    1. I have the same attitude towards men's monkey suits which I seldom wear. The great majority of time I wear dresses, makeup, and heels for formal wear, including church.
      Last summer I attended a gravesite burial ceremony where the temperature was over 38 deg. C/100 deg. F. I wore a black dress instead of a coat and tie outfit. The heat was much more tolerable with the dress and I threw it in the washing machine to clean it instead of facing a dry cleaning bill for the suit.


    2. Oh, to have the nerve to wear a skirt or dress to work on a hot summer day! But then I would have to wear heels with my dress (because that's only proper), and I would need the correct curves under the dress so shapewear and a bra would me a must, and what's a dress and heels without a little jewelry...

      "And so it goes" as the fabulous Stana says❣️

    3. At the gravesite ceremony stupid me wore 75 mm/3 inch heels. Talk about a challenge of navigating the uneven ground of a cemetery!
      I guess I got my heel legs (like sea legs on a ship) that day. Fortunately the ground was dry so my heels didn't sink in.

  2. My Great Aunt's Victorian Attic had a huge collection of Wear going back a hundred years ..that was in the Sixties. 1960s. From 13 children and their families, the clans repository .
    How I loved spending summers there!
    And two weeks after Christmas 🌲.
    Femme Holidays indeed.