Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A Cover-Up

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Bardot

Danny La Rue
Danny La Rue, professional femulator, circa 1950


  1. Off-topic, but does anybody have an opinion about the “Tights as Pants” trend?

    1. I like it! I have gone out a few times wearing tights as pants and nobody reacted negatively. However, effective tucking is paramount for girls like us.

    2. My first thought was: I often lounge around the house in tights or pantyhose as pants (i.e. sans skirt) but I could never walk out the door like that! But I did read and see in the article that the author was wearing a leotard with her tights, but I still personally am not a fan of the outfit. It looks like she left home before finishing dressing. But to each thier own!

      I was just glad to see she wasn't wearing control top tights with their bike shorts look.