Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Can't Be Beat

Source: Tory Burch
Wearing Tory Burch

Kinky Boots Angels
The Kinky Boots Angels on stage in Phoenix, 2014


  1. In "Can't Be Beat" that dress looks mighty chilly wit .the weather we are having. On Sunday morning I wore a long sleeve sweater maxi dress and heeled boots to church. It was -9 degrees C/15 degrees F that morning, which is mighty chilly for the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.
    I noticed I was the only one wearing a dress as everybody else was wearing trousers.
    During coffee hour after the service I was sitting at a table with several people. I said, "It takes a man to wear a dress" and boy, did I get a reaction from the ladies.


  2. Now that is a beautiful group of angels!

  3. Kinky Boots is great fun. I have seen it on the box and also in the theatre.

    I am not so keen on beards with dresses though. The Conchita Wurst look makes me want to call the Style Cops, as something must be done. If the gentleman above is going to join the ladies, he really needs to lose that beard sharpish.

    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. I agree with you – I also don't like bearded "ladies."

    2. I also agree. I don't know what it is about the beard in particular that I find off-puttingšŸ¤” But that same man with a fresh shave in that same outfit (ok...maybe with a pair of pantyhose) would look so pretty.