Friday, November 12, 2021

You are invited!

Instead of photos of femulators in films and television, I would like to feature some real life femulators in the “Femulator” slot below (that means you). So this is an invitation to send me your photo to be crowned “Femulator of the Day.” 

Just a couple of rules: 

1. Make sure your photo is ladylike, so nothing pornographic and nothing with too much skin showing.

2. Send me one photo – the photo you consider your best. If you send more than one photo, I will have to choose which one to publish and you may not like my choice.

3. Indicate how you want your name to appear in the caption: first and last name, just your first name or no name. 

4. If you are out and about in the photo, indicate what you are doing (e.g., “shopping at Macy’s,” “dining at the White House,” etc.). 

5. If you have a blog or website, include its URL and I will mention it in the caption.

I hope to see your photo soon!

Source: Intermix
Wearing Baobab

Stana staffing the registration table at the Transgender Lives Conference.


  1. Hi
    I can be a bit slow on the uptake at times, but how do we send our photo to you? I cannot find a link for an email address.

    1. There is a “send me e-mail" right under my "(Out and) About Stana" photo in the right sidebar of the blog.