Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween Recap

I began writing this post at sunset on October 31 while sitting in the front room keeping an eye out for kids coming up our long driveway to trick or treat.

Last year was the pandemic and no one showed up. Year before that, no one showed up because the weather was bad (rained heavily all day and night). And the year before that, only two boys convincingly dressed as female cheerleaders showed up.

The weather this year was perfect for trick or treating... dry and in the mid-60s, but I don’t expect many kids to make the trek here. Our neighborhood has matured and the kids are no longer kids and too old to trick or treat, so if we get any customers, they will be from the distant cul-de-sacs.

I did not dress for Halloween this year. I pulled out my old French maid uniform and thought about wearing it to present candy to the trick or treaters. Then I figured why go to all that trouble if we are likely to get few, if any trick or treaters. I would have ended up just sitting around en femme, tugging at my tight girdle and the hem of my short skirt, while my wife watched 90 Days FiancĂ© on the tube. (Early on I thought that the name of that show was 90 Days Beyonce and I wondered why Beyonce never made an appearance!)

Saturday night, I watched The Fly, old Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein on TCM. I never watched The Fly from beginning and end and I was surprised how good it was. Old Frankenstein is always enjoyable, but I forgot how short it was (only 70 minutes). I enjoyed Young Frankenstein, too, but it saddened me when I realized that most of the cast was dead. 

And then there’s Jerry Remy.

But there is some good news. Next week, I will do outreach at a local high school, so I will finally get out en femme among the civilians. And we had one trick or treater show up, so we are trending upwards!

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Ana La Chica Bolera (Ana the Bowling Girl)
Ana La Chica Bolera (Ana the Bowling Girl) is a situation comedy from Mexico in which all the roles are played by males. It is neither a film nor a television program. Rather, it is a web-only production that you can view on YouTube.


  1. Dear Stana ,
    I don't understand how it works, but year by year when one Finally Totally accepts their natural born transwomanhood . I mean something changes in the body and emotions . I found it very Emotionally Challenging to go to the grocery store alone today in men's clothes ( like I was impersonating a man ) , it was so uncomfortable . Well ? , who else but you Stana would understand ? I have no one else to communicate my feminine feelings with .

    1. I sympathize with you. I have been impersonating a man all my life and I am not good at it because my femininity shines through. Grasping at those feminine straws is what keeps me going.

    2. Thank you sister !