Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful readers. I am so grateful that you take the time to read my daily missives and joyful that what I write has helped some of you in some way!

Also, thank you for your great response to my request for photos to fill the Femulator slot. I have received more photos than I ever imagined and it will take awhile to use them all, so please be patient if your photo has not shown up yet. And if you have not sent a photo, it’s never too late.

One more thing... Try not to eat too much today... we have to watch our figures!


  1. Happy Turkey 🦃 Day to All !!!

  2. National Holidays are automatic Cheat Days, Skinny! It's our Patriotic Duty to overeat! ;) I am not going to be UnAmerican!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Stana. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and for maintaining this great blog. And Happy Thanksgiving to all your wonderful readers too!

  4. Dear Stana ,

    I believe , Except for those of our fluid-soulmate friends out there, people will Never understand how some of us are very at home in work boots and flannel / work shirts in total guy mode and are also Equally very at home presenting in a dress in total feminine attire in true feminine mode .


  5. Thanksgiving. Today is the day I make sure to wear a skirt with an elastic waistband! LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    - Christina Cross

  6. Omg you look gorgeous I'm a crossdresser and I'm happy when I'm dressed but I really really want to find someone like me or a woman friend who could take me out shopping and help me with makeup and clothes just want to come out so so much it's hard cause I live in a private house upstairs and my landlord would. Never approve of this but I know alternative ways I live alone and single like they say girls just want to have fun if you know anyone from long island New York area I'd be overjoyed to have meet them

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Stana,
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  8. Happy thanksgiving, many thanks for your inspiring writing!
    Anna Jose