Wednesday, November 17, 2021

All dressed up and nowhere to go... again

I did it again! I ordered a cocktail dress to wear to upcoming holiday get-togethers, but I don’t know if I will be attending any.

Last year was a washout due to the pandemic. And this year, the pandemic hangover turned the biggest local LGBT event into a virtual affair and may wipe out other events, too.

After I retired, my company invited me back for their annual holiday luncheon two years in a row, but since then, the company was bought out and I don’t know if the new owners even bankroll holiday luncheons or if anyone there remembers me.

A group of my girl friends used to get together and go out to dinner and a show during the holidays, but we have not done that since before the pandemic. Maybe they would be interested in doing that again this year.

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  1. If I was having a party I would be honored if you came!

  2. Well, yesterday, I went out to a (nearly) thanksgiving lunch and fluffed half the morning which red dress would be right, but Covid has played havoc with waists, so ended uo in a boring cashmere sweater and navy skirt. Very comfortable and as my hostess really doesn't dress up much, more appropriate.

    Now when to wear the black lace dress and snazzy panty hose?


  3. Who am I , why am I Here ?
    Well first of all , Stana's Femulate is a classy T-lady like blog and the Links she lists are not vulgar and are classy T-lady like .
    I'm a long term Christian , 60 years walking with Jesus and studying the Bible . Being in the faith one does have a submissive identity and a femulating identity is something I fell into as the genetic seeds were probably always there and I found I really liked and was comfortable associating with Trans Women . I have always had Conflict with a inclination towards signing the deal ( sorta speak ) finalizing a T-girl identity and really completely entering . For most T-girls here they have no conflict and their only worry is mostly dealing with social prejudice ( which needs to stop ! ) .
    For me , as a Christian I shouldn't be here and I need to leave the T-blogs forever because for a Real Christian it's a form of self worship . The Bible , God's Word is very clear , the Effeminate Will Never Enter The Kingdom Heaven and this activity always deepens to a Effeminate point of no return .
    I believe Satan uses this Transgender Identity to make Christians usless and take them to Darkness and Gnashing of teeth forever ! This Is the truth .

    1. 2 Peter 2:2 -And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.

  4. "All dressed up with no place to go" is the motto of us CDs who do not yet have the courage to leave the house. But at least appreciating my own well-coordinated outfit, even if no one else sees this dress, hose, and heels, is satisfying:)

  5. Definitely feeling these sentiments.. I guess a lot of events and plans might get cancelled these months due to the rise in infections everywhere. I still hope to attend a few of these events.. all dressed up!

    I hope you do too!! And that you get to wear that cocktail dress! ;)