Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Being a "girl" vs. being a "woman" on Halloween

The following article originally appeared in the always entertaining Gwen’s Place, Glavyril's now-defunct blog. Although originally written as fiction, take it from me that there is a lot of truth in this story.

While many transgenders and crossdressers dress frequently and are out and about, surely many more indulge themselves only on special occasions – none of which is more special than Halloween. 

If they have a real gal in their lives who cares and wants to be supportive, be aware that it can be stressful for her. Understandably, she may be supportive of many things in private, but not want it to be general knowledge that her beau has a girly side.

All excited about their upcoming Halloween party, Henry used some poor judgement with regards to body hair removal. Fortunately, his clever girlfriend defused his faux pas by doing him up in a homemade costume that no one will take seriously. Henry, who was likely planning on “working girl chic,” while feeling a bit ridiculous, probably does not realize what a favor his supportive girlfriend has rendered. 

Perhaps he even feels that she is trying to humiliate him? Not hardly – she even plans to cover for him, “Well, he didn’t want to shave everything, but he looks so cute and a little girl can’t be all hairy, now, can she?” 

No, Henry had “big girl” plans and had not planned to have a ribboned girlish bob, while wearing pink ruffles, carrying a dolly and girly handbag to the party. But Linda is not cruel and she spent a lot of time on his outfit! Folks will certainly chuckle if not laugh at “Henrietta” as Linda will call him. His buddies will be calling him that for months, but it will still look to them like a costume… perhaps over the top, but still a costume.

Now, a cruel Linda would have helped poor Henry look as much like a real woman as possible for the party, something out of the Devil Wears Prada motif, perhaps? Sure, the “Little Girl” might raise a few eyebrows but it is silly, innocent, heck boob-less and can likely be laughed off by folks, especially if “Mommy” plays along. 

As compared to a Henrietta with a glam coiffure, wearing a pencil-skirted Armani suit and Jimmy Choo heels, shaved, plucked, boobed and bejeweled, basically looking like an avid reader of Vogue. As the knowing smirks and pointed comments accumulate, Linda may likely let Henry take the fall as she thinks he should.

“Oh, he does it all the time. It seems I am dating another woman,” she might let slip after a drink or two.

So, if you are not ready to be outed, think “costume” not “real.” 

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X femulates Nicki Minaj (Halloween 2020)


  1. I love the Wearing Venus heels and dress !

  2. I post on medium now -

  3. too good can be no good...

  4. It is far too easy for someone to out them self at a fancy dress do by either looking too good or accidently slipping into female mode after a few beers

  5. I thought that I recognized the photo as one of Gwen's !
    I loved her blog , as well as one of the short stories she wrote ( now impossible to find, it seems ) , "Help Me Rhonda" .

    I was dismayed when her site became defunct , and only found out later , by a passing remark in another forum , that she had passed away .
    Requiescat in pace , Gwen - and thank you for sharing your life with us .

    1. Oh my! I had not heard she passed... RIP

  6. The article is so right. Do it perfectly and you've outed yourself completely. Put on a costume and you may be safe(r) We don't have Halloween or Carnival costume parties here, but I dream of the entry perfectly dressed. However even if i went in a costume, I'd still fall into the trap because I don't want to do a parody. Put on my saree? Yes it is a "costume, but I'd be uncomfortable without the proper underwear etc, so I'll out myself anyway. But if the right event comes along, that's what I'll do and cope with the consequences!