Monday, August 23, 2021

Thank You

Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Reader contributions to the Femulate Coffee Break! fund were sufficient to cover the Flickr Pro annual fee. So I subscribed to Flickr Pro and rebuilt the collection of photos that Starla Trimm culled from online high school yearbooks. The photos represent womanless school events from 1929 to the present – mostly womanless beauty pageants, Halloween festivities, gender bender days and stage productions.

The 4500+ photos are arranged by the name of the school and sorted into 26 albums, A to Z, but not X (there is also an Unknown Location folders for a handful of images whose location are not known).

There are some duplicates in the collection and I am slowly weeding them out.

Anyway, without further ado, click here to access the Yearbook albums.

And thank you again.

Revisiting Henri

Tropical storm Henri was a bust. Contrary to the weather forecasts, it never reached hurricane status and remained a tropical storm as it spent most of Sunday working its way across the Southern New England dumping just 1.8 inches of rain on my weather station. Its winds were not bad and we never lost power, although other parts of the state were not so lucky.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing J.McLaughlin

Pike-Delta-York High School
Femulating at Pike-Delta-York High School in Delta, Ohio.
A sample from our flickr Yearbooks collection.


  1. Growing up just outside of Boston (Woburn) we would hear the reports of impending hurricanes and get all excited and prepared - and they ALWAYS fizzled out before reaching New England.

  2. 1993! I graduated high school then, and an event like that back then would have *absolutely* changed my life!

  3. Ladies, I just became a donor for the first time -- but most certainly not the last. Just think about what Stana provides for us. We get positive support, great dressing advice, a look at our "sisters" in all their beauty from across the world and real-life stories from and about our community of dressers. I can't wait to dive into Stana's treasure trove of photos on Flickr. Let's all drop a little something into "Stana's Cup" to say "Thank you" to her and to ensure her continued gifts to our community.