Monday, August 16, 2021

Please Support Femulate

Femulate is 100% free to read with no forced subscriptions, no advertisements and nothing hidden behind paywalls. 

Readers have asked to reinstate the Femulate flickr website that hosted the thousands of womanless beauty pageant images that Starla Trimm culled from online high school yearbooks. Rebuilding that website would be a major effort and I am willing to do that, but I am less willing to pay the annual $70 fee that flickr charges. 

If you value our daily content and would like to see our flickr website up and running again, you are welcome to contribute $5 or $10 or whatever to Femulate by clicking Coffee Break! image in the sidebar of the blog. 

By the way, if you contribute via PayPal, please select the “Sending to a friend” option, otherwise, PayPal deducts a fee (for example, Femulate only receives $4.37 of your $5 contribution). 


Stana Horzepa


  1. Dear Stana, Thanks for being here.
    Thanks for all of your good, positive service in the name of our mutual self exploration.
    Thanks for allowing me (and others!) to have space for various commentaries and contributions. I recommend those femmulators who read this blog on a regular basis also offer your own story, as well as some dinero....
    Your site, along with other sites, is quite a bit more effective (and a hell of a lot cheaper!) than the standard, cheap, ineffective insurance delivered 'therapy'.
    As a more sincere 'Thank You', check the coffee cup for an extra $20.00.
    Thanks again,