Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Angela Working En Femme, Part 2

By Angela Booth

This is Part 2 of Angela’s work experience en femme. Click here to read Part 1.

 I was so comfortable working en femme, I decided I to look for a job and see how the applications went. I checked out vacancies and one took my fancy. It was an administrative role with a local authority. Local authorities are committed to diversity, so I had a look at the application form. I completed it in my legal name. There was a box to say the name you were known as. I think this is a general request as there are people, apart from transitioning, who have a complex name and are know by another. I supplied all the information, but there was nowhere to expand on my circumstances, so I added a cover letter and sent it off. 

I had the usual acknowledgement mail and then an invite for an interview. I started to outthink a simple request to attend an interview. Were they doing it to tick diversity boxes and would I be looked at as a freak with all the staff being told and staring at me? I turned up dressed appropriately and was taken to the interview by a lovely girl There were two female interviewers who had their Q and A sheets in front of them. The interview was conducted very professionally and then I was given a tour of the offices. Everyone was working away and it went well. I knew that I had flunked a couple of questions, but felt it went well for my first interview crossdressed. 

I got a phone call from one of the ladies a week later.  I didn’t get the job and the flunked questions were the reason. She said I had presented well and did impress them.

That was a great experience and I made a decision that I would apply for other jobs in the same way when the shop closed. I applied for three jobs and completed the applications with the covering letter. I was invited for interviews for all of them. Each went as the first did. One I didn’t like, so I said I wouldn’t take the role if offered. 

One, working in a shop, I accepted. My legal identity was kept confidential at head office and any communications and identity was in my femme name. The staff and customers accepted me as one of the girls and it was a nice job. However, due to the business climate, this shop was also in trouble as was a lot of retail. 

We were usually a minimum staff and the future was uncertain. My colleagues were becoming unsettled and the atmosphere changed. I decided to jump ship and look for something more stable. I went to a job fair and there was a company in the care sector. I spoke with the people there and filled an application, then arranged an interview. My previous experience was perfect for them and after security checks, I was offered the job. 

I have been there over two years now. I have had various clients and their families to work with and it has gone well. I plan to stay there until I decide to fully retire. 

I consider myself very lucky as the laws here in the UK afford me equal rights, but the whole process started with coming out to a friend. I have my female identity. My bank has taken my title from my cards so, it only shows initial and surname. They can’t change my name unless I provide evidence of an official name change. I applied for a credit card from another company many years ago in my male name and, a couple of years later, asked for one in my femme name on the same account. I got it! That was before money laundering became a thing and this would not be possible now without more personal information, but my card was not recalled. 

I have joined some organizations in my name. My doctor is aware and I have seen the doctor crossdressed. I also had to go to my dentist crossdressed as a work consultation over ran and I had no choice. I couldn’t lose the appointment, so went with a sore tooth and fingers crossed. After a bit of astonishment, to say that it went well was an understatement. The first thing they did was to ask how I wanted to be addressed and changed the records accordingly and I was flattered with the compliments. 

I also went for an eye test giving my femme details. My date of birth was given along with my address. I get free tests due to my age. There were no questions asked. However, when I was being tested, the practitioner looked at my records and referred to treatment some years back. They knew who I was, but did not make an issue of it and treated me accordingly.

I admit, again, I have been lucky as the decisions I have made have led me to where I am today. I never planned it but, as little femulator, I did dream of this and now it is a reality over 50 years later.

Patience is a virtue and a nice girl’s name, too!

Aches and Pains Dept.

My recovery from the inguinal hernia repair surgery has been rapid. I felt so good yesterday that I took my first hike in the woods since late June and felt fine after 0.83 miles climbing over hill and dale.

My only complaint is my throat. It was fine before surgery, but I woke up after surgery with a mild sore throat, which got much worse as time marched on. It is much better today. 

I assume the tube they inserted down my throat for the anesthesia caused the problem. I will mention it to my surgeon when I go for my followup appointment today. 

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Wearing Paige

Harry Tracey
Harry Tracey femulating on stage in the 1948 annual presentation of The Gang Show.


  1. Glad the recovery is going well, Stana!

    And well done to Angela! Seems you have been blessed with many understanding people in the world of work! Fascinating to read the processes and the way in which people have made accommodations even if, legally, there are plenty of complications in the UK. That said, I mean nothing but admiration and, yes, a little jealousy! :)

  2. Angela, you have a lovely womanly presentation, and presumably working en femme you have a good feminine voice. If I can ask, how did you get your voice right?
    Penny from Edinburgh.

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