Monday, August 16, 2021

About Out and About

Doing outreach at Southern Connecticut State University
I was planning to go out
en femme this Thursday to the monthly Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways, which restarted in July after shutting down during the pandemic. However, the way things have been going downhill pandemic-wise, I wondered if the Cocktail Hour would be cancelled or at a minimum, require masking and social distancing. 

I received an email last week informing me that the Hour had indeed been cancelled with hopes of restarting it in September.

Darn it! I may go out anyway.

When out and about, have you ever run into a friend or acquaintance from your male life, who is unaware of your female life?

I have, but I managed to avoid being caught with my pants down (and my panty girdle up).

First time it happened, I was shopping in Macy’s and saw the receptionist from my office strolling down the aisle. I believe that most people who know only my male side would never recognize me en femme, but in this case, the receptionist had seen me in my office girl costume on Halloween. So I quickly ducked down a side aisle and avoided the confrontation.

Second time, I was doing outreach for a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University. After class, I exited the classroom and saw a family friend, who was a student at the University, hanging out with some other students. Nowhere to hide, I girded my loins, walked down the hall and passed unnoticed.

Which reminds me of my favorite question received during outreach Q & A:

Student asked, “Are you married?”

I answered, “Yes.”

The student followed up with, “ a woman?”

And so it goes.

Source: Rue La La
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Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry


  1. I was in a shopping mall as Meg, and walked past a woman who was my partner on a work project. She was with her bf, and didn't give me a second glance.

  2. I have faced that close call a few times, but it was usually with a Girl Friend or 2 by my side.
    The first time was at a local casino. We were headed to the bar when one of the ladies with me stopped in her tracks and turned to me, blocking the aisle. She had seen a couple we both knew and positioned herself between me and them until they passed. (Had they seen her, I'm sure they would have approached us, but thankfully they didn't) The exact same incident took place at a restaurant, this time with 3 GF's, and the same watchful friend (Sarah) stepped in and ran interference. The third was all me - Linda and I were at the grocery store buying a bottle of wine for the evening's film fest when I spotted an office aquaintence down the aisle. I did a quick 180, grabbing Linda with me, and explained why we were taking a detour.
    Oh, and I almost forgot the one solo event - sitting in Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee facing the door when a "mild" business aquaintence entered. She placed her order, glanced in my direction, got her drink and headed out. She either never saw me or it just didn't register. But in EACH instance, my adrenaline spiked!

  3. Yes. February 2020 I was out shopping as Kathi, and needed some things from the salon on the way home. Yes, it was my normal salon I usually visited in guy mode less than two miles from home, but it was a quick in-and-out. What could go wrong? . . . :)

    I was at the counter chatting with the receptionists and some of the ladies for a few minutes. I paid for my supplies and turned around - and there was the wife of a deacon I have served with for decades, and a recently-returned missionary who I taught when she was a youth. I excused myself and went out the door and into my car.

    Did they know it was me? Well, let's see; a tall woman that looks like me, is in the salon that they know my wife goes to, with my very distinctive voice (I used to do voice work for radio and TV), and leaving in my wife's car (with its very distinctive personalized plate). Yeah. I think they knew. :)

    I kept waiting for it to be weird. Seeing her at church, she treated me the same, kept commenting on my Facebook posts, etc. Her husband never mentioned it or treated me differently, so I'm sure she probably decided to keep it "between us girls."

    So I dodged a bullet, for sure.