Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Someday Funnies

Soure: Bella Dahl
Wearing Bella Dahl

Harry Langdon gets forcibly-crossdressed in the 1927 film His First Flame,
which you can view on YouTube.


  1. Stana ,        When shopping in the grocery store I of course , look at women and I see way too much protein consumption in American women and many  becoming ( evolving ) male like with unattractive feet  and wondering how they would ever fit into nice pumps , it makes me want to buy some new ladies size 11 pumps and a new size 12 dress .

  2. Harry's quite the feminist -- especially for 1927. Did you notice that one of the writers was Frank Capra? I guess you have to start somewhere. And there was even a penny scale. They used to be all over the place (showing my age), but not so much here in the east. They could get away with it in mostly rainless Hollywood.

    1. All the penny scales I ever saw in my neck of the woods were indoors.

    2. I would occasionally see them under an awning in front of a store. I suspect they went indoors overnight. When cold weather came around the scales did snowbird migrations to a spot in the store.