Monday, December 28, 2020

Still Passing After All These Years

More passing success stories from the femulating front line...


Five or six years ago, my wife and I were asked to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. As we were mixing and mingling, our hostess introduced me to a couple who were snowbirding (as we say in Florida) from Michigan. 

“Sue and Claire, this is XX and XY (I’ve forgotten their names) who are renting the house next door.”  

So as we were chatting, the lady noticed our wedding rings.  

“So how long have you been married?”  

I replied “Forty five years.”  

Her response, “Oh, I didn’t think same-sex weddings were legal back then.”    

An enlightening discussion followed. 

Jenny Shaw

While I was staying a few days with my TV friend Jim and his wife, a lady friend of theirs had been invited to join us for the evening meal. She was well aware of Jim being a TV and had been told beforehand that there would be another person, i.e., me, at the meal and that I was also transgender.

When she arrived I was introduced to her as Jenny – I was fully en femme, but very casually dressed – and we sat and chatted for half an hour or so before the meal. I’m 5’ 11” and have a typical male bone structure and made no attempt to change my voice while we were chatting, so I assumed it was obvious to her that I was the other trans person she’d been told about. 

Just before the meal, I made some comment about wearing female clothing and she became quite confused. She then said that she hadn’t realized I was the trans person she’d been told would be present and had been about to ask me where my husband was!  Wow – I didn’t see that coming. 

Even after all was explained she had trouble accepting that I wasn’t a biological woman.  Since then, she and I have been out and about together shopping and dining and she still can only see me as being female.


I had just finished my transformation in my car parked in a lay-by/turnout. Waiting for a lull in the traffic in order to get back in my car after having just put ‘his’ clothes in the boot/trunk, when a passing lorry tooted at me. This reminded me of the time I had just emerged alone into the open air from the underground/subway in London and got wolf-whistled. GGs would be offended by such sexist experiences, but for me, it was pure heaven. LOL


I was on a weekend getaway from London to Colchester and was walking back to my B&B along a side street at dusk. Ahead of me approached four young men in their late teens/early twenties. The sidewalk was narrow, my B&B was still a block away and there was traffic in the street, so I had no choice but to continue straight ahead and hope for the best.  

As they got closer, I could tell they were inebriated, which is never a good sign with a group of young men. As I walked by them, one of the guys spoke to me and said, “Do you think you could handle all of us?”

It was a disgusting comment and was obviously an inappropriate thing to say to a mature women (or any woman for that matter). I paused in my steps because I wanted to say something motherly in response.  But before I could reply, one of his companions quickly interjected, “Leave her alone!”

And they did.  It may not have been my “best” passing experience, but it certainly was my most important one in terms of personal safety. 

Wearing Rue La La
Wearing Rue La La

Just another girl from the Internet
Just another girl from the Internet


  1. I agree with Connie. It gives me a good feeling to read of the joy experienced by others.

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