Saturday, December 26, 2020

More Success Stories

Your response to my request for your best passing success stories has been great. Here are three more with more to come.

Lena Andrews

Getting out and about in Sydney was an infrequent occurrence in the 1980's and 1990's.

Being married with a loving wife who did not approve of my crossdressing, was the major reason. Like thousands of other transvestites/crossdressers, photos were the only way we could view how we appeared in feminine fashions.

While my late wife was touring Hawaii in 1987, came the opportunities to be seen! I attended a ballet at the Sydney Opera House. From our two-bedroom unit, I undertook a taxi ride into the city. 

As you may know from photos of the Opera House, there is a very large and long set of concrete steps into the Concert Hall. Once there and through the ticket check, there was a long carpeted series of stairs to my seat at the end of an aisle. Was escorted to it by a female usherette who commented on my choice of “costume'.” At the interval, I took the easy way to use the toilets, for there are invalid facilities.

Went to one of the bars for a coffee and was again appraised of my choice of gown, earrings and sensible choice of shoes for mounting all those stairs. Also, to hand with all the usual female bits and bobs in it, was a gold mesh clutch. I enjoyed the performance while seated next to two ladies in evening dress who gave me critical appraisals and we talked easily before the ballet and part of the interval. So I believe I was accepted as a woman which gave me a warm and confirming assurance.

Marie Anne

About three months ago, Marie was introduced to a very friendly woman who immediately accepted Marie, although I am not quite sure if I fully passed in the circumstance, but I was definitely accepted as Marie and we became very good girl friends. 

Just two weeks ago, my friend arranged a girls’ get-together with two of her cis girlfriends. The four of us met at a IHOP for lunch. By happenstance, our server, a young waiter had served Marie’s male persona less than a week before. There was no recognition or undo reaction, just four women out for lunch. He took our orders and engaged in some small talk asking if it was to be one bill or split. 

The table talk was varied and pleasant, covering a range of girl interchange, some about their boyfriends without hint of Marie being male and privy to this girl chatter.

The after event comments from the two girls/women included plans to get together again soon for a girls’ night out at a restaurant with a dance floor, which Marie had visited two years back. Marie was noted by the two girls independently as a “classy lady” and “a delight to talk to.”

Nancy Ng

My most memorable passing success story was at our local CD club's ( Christmas Dinner & Party a few years back. It took place at a hotel ballroom, had just ended and I was heading back to my hotel room.

I was dressed in a very bright pink sequins dress that the hotel night manager had already complimented me on as being “very sparkly.” When the doors of the elevator opened and I stepped in, there was a senior couple in it already. 

As the elevator started to move, the husband said, “You look very nice.” 

Then the wife chirped in, “I used to have a body like that.” So, unless the wife was trans, I don't think they read me. 

I was tempted to say in my deepest male voice, “Lady, there’s no way you would have had a body like mine.” But, I just said, “Thanks, have a good evening” in my best feminine voice as I exited the elevator to my floor.


Wearing Rotate
Wearing Rotate

Two of the “Millions” on the Internet
Two of the “Millions” on the Internet

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