Sunday, November 1, 2020

Teri’s Halloween Adventure

By Teri Lynn

Halloween 2004 was a great experience for me. What a stroke of luck! Thursday evening I tried numerous outfits on at home to see what to wear the next day. Several times in the past, I had mentioned to my wife that someday I was going to show up at her staff lunch at work dressed as a woman. She thought that might be risky and the staff would harass her and me forever. 

My wife went to work dressed as a fat male, Western sheriff – fat created by a pillow to hide the boobs. Most of her co-workers did not recognize her. We fixed a mustache for her (with wig hair), she penciled in some bushy eyebrows and even had an old Western hat and sheriff’s badge. 

At lunch, one of the office staff asked, “So what is your husband dressing as for the party – a girl?” 

She replied, “Matter-of-fact, yes.”  

Next thing I know my cell phone is ringing and she told me what happened, then she asked me where I was. I told her I was out shopping close to her school and I asked her whether I should stop by. She said that the girls were curious to see what I looked like, so over I went. 

When I got to her school, I stopped at the office and when the secretary asked if she could help me, I said that my car broke down and could I borrow her phone book to get a tow truck number. She got the phone book for me. Then I asked her if she knew of a good tow company. She did not. 

Then I said, “Well, maybe I could just get the phone number of Joy (my wife) and perhaps she could give me a ride home.’ 

It still didn’t click with her who she was talking to. She said, “Joy?” 

“Yes,” I said and she went to her desk to get the number. 

At that point, in my normal voice, I said, “Sue, it’s me” 

She gasped and said, “I don’t believe it. You look beautiful! Who did you hair like that? You even did your nails. Are you wearing a skirt?” 

Sue came around the counter to get a better look. “I love it. You look better in a skirt than I do!”

She asked whether I had stopped in at my wife’s class yet. I told her I had and added that I had just come from a salon where they made me up for a party tonight. (My wife didn’t want them to think I do this regularly, so I used that for an excuse.) Sue said that I looked marvelous and should have no trouble winning a prize. (Ha ha, if she only knew!)

I left, to continue shopping. The phone rang again and my wife told me that several of the other women heard about me and were disappointed that they missed seeing me. She also said that the secretaries thought I had nice legs. I asked whether I should come back and she suggested I could do that. 

Back I go. This time the secretary and my wife were standing outside waiting for me. I had to trek right past the principal, who was also outside. 

Again Sue commented on how nice I looked. (Well, I didn’t get to this stage overnight, but we won‘t tell her that.) This time, another secretary came over with her camera and took pictures of my wife and I. Wait ‘til that makes the rounds at the school.

The ice is broken and no one died of embarrassment. Who knows, maybe they will insist I come to the annual staff Christmas dinner as Teri. My wife said, “No” to that wishful thought, but maybe she can talk them into a New Year’s party. 

I'm sure it won't be long before my daughter finds out. When she is home on college breaks, she usually spends a day with my wife in class. It won’t take but a second for someone to mention how I looked on Halloween. I hope she is not shocked/repulsed by it all. In the past, when she had seen crossdressers on TV, she made comments that she thought it was crazy. Once she knows, I know we will have our long overdue talk. Then, hopefully, I can get out when she is home for school breaks, especially for events like New Year's Eve. 

I sure hope they at least request that I come back for Halloween as Teri. 

By the way, our daughter only went to the school once or twice to help out, but no one must have said anything – at least she didn’t‘t mention anything about it to me.

Do you have an interesting Halloween story? I’d love to read it and share it with my readers. And don’t forget to send along a photo or two from your holiday in heels.

Wearing Julia Jordan
Wearing Julia Jordan

Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Benny Bartlett, David Gorcey and Gil Stratton (“The Bowery Boys”) femulating in the 1952 film Hold That Line.
Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Benny Bartlett, David Gorcey and Gil Stratton (“The Bowery Boys”) femulating in the 1952 film Hold That Line. You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.


  1. I would so love to wear Julia Jordan dress and heels .

  2. i am aware of the bowery boys as a popular american comedy troupe in the 1940's and 50's, but have never seen them in action. so am i right in getting the impression that they were no strangers to dragging up, in the manner of the kids in the hall several decades later? if so, then gil stratton looks like their version of dave foley!

    1. The Bowery Boys made 48 films. They were not a drag precursor to the Kids in the Hall. I recall only one other film in which drag was a component and Huntz Hall was the dragster on that occasion.

    2. I think what The Boys in the Hall did was pick up on the old Vaudeville trope of drag. It was not unusual for male comedy duos/troupes to don dresses for comedy routines. And people really didn't give it a second thought. It actually spilled over into early television -- remember Uncle Miltie?? And for a while we even saw drag queens on variety shows but that pretty much went away by the early 1960's. I'm not forgetting about impersonators like Michael Andrews on the occasional TV mystery, but those were few and far apart -- and our girls were always the bad guy! Let's hear it for Boys in the Hall and Lorne Greene for bringing those skits from Canada to Saturday Night Live for returning drag on TV to just plain fun!

    3. I know you mean The Kids in the Hall and Lorne Michaels.

    4. as a result of watching the extras on a couple of KITH dvd sets, i get the impression that the original series was pretty popular in the states. whereas in britain they were very much a cult, with it being shown on the then-latest minority channel late at night. which was better for me in a way, as i was one of the relative few to be privy to their amazing femulation!

      it helped a great deal with their cross-dressing skits that they all had the looks of fresh-faced and clean-cut college kids, and by their own admission were "feminine men". however i have now read that they are once again working on a sketch show series for the first time in decades, so took a look at the guys as they are today accordingly. and i am sad to say that time has not been that kind to them, as they are considerably greyer, jowlier and portlier than the pretty boys of their youth. so it will be interesting to see if their female characters look equally weather-worn, or if the magic of corsets, make-up and wigs saves the day?

    5. Where was my brain??? Thanks for the corrections, Stana.

      Gina has added there might be a "mid-life crisis" version of KITH. Well, the person I see in the mirror only sorta matches what I used to see 30-40 years ago. I'm guessing "the boys" will be doing "age-appropriate" skits, and maybe they might recruit a second generation (their kids, maybe?) to carry on their tradition. Wishful thinking. But the "pantomime" tradition continues to carry on in the British Commonwealth and RuPaul is making drag grab a piece of the mainstream. I never thought I'd see this happen again in my lifetime. Good stuff!

    6. The Kids in the Hall made films in 1996 and 2010 titled “Brain Candy” and “Death Comes to Town” respectively, and they have a new episode of their show scheduled for release in 2021.

  3. what's wrong with a drag Bonanza?

  4. Bonanza in Drag!
    Anyone see the Christmas special the cast did and released as a LP vinyl Christmas album, perfect for an en femme review! ! !