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Happy Halloween

Angela’s Saloon Girl Femulation

By Angela Booth

Living here in the U.K., Halloween is only a low-key event prior to Bonfire Night, which is a week later. Us Brits make huge bonfires and burn effigies of some unpopular celebrity or politician in celebration of the Gunpowder Plot where, in 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament.

In the last decade or so, the American trick or treat has become a part of the calendar where ghoulish kids knock on doors for treats. Occasionally, moms would dress in ghoulish costumes with their children, but the dads in girlish costumes has never caught on.

Halloween 2009, a co-worker announced that she was having a party and said “Come as you aren’t.” The office buzzed with anticipation – what were they going to wear? There was quite a spectrum of outfits being considered. Most of the guys decided on macho things and I wasn’t sure what I would do.

One morning, I was in the office and happened on a couple of the girls chatting about the party. They were saying that they had decided on a Western saloon girl theme. I was asked what I was going as. I told them I hadn’t a clue and one of the girls said they’d dress me up if I wanted. I chuckled and jokingly said I would consider it. 

Nearer the event I had to make up my mind and when asked again about the Western theme, I said I would think about it. I told them I had a sister who was in amateur theatrics and would see what she could do for an outfit from the theater’s wardrobe. This was actually true, but I knew I had a wardrobe of my own at home and I was going to do it.

I looked online and bought a dress and some accessories from a fancy dress outlet. I had a suitable wig and everything else required. I had a corset style hip and bum enhancer and my usual bust enhancer. Sparkly black hose and a pair of high heels finished the outfit off nicely. I made up and topped it all off with wig. I sat there and started to have second thoughts as no one knew about my other self. Would I give the game away?

I took a deep breath and grabbed my purse and walked out of the door to my car. When I pulled up outside my friend’s address, you could hear the music coming from the house and the party was in full swing.

I stood at the door and pressed the bell. The door opened and The Incredible Hulk answered. It was one of my co-workers. He looked at me and offered me in. He told me the hostess was in the kitchen and walked off. I do not think he realized who I was. 

I walked into the kitchen where it was busy with a lot of my friends and I stood there and looked around. No one came over and apart from a few glances, there was no reaction. I looked at my friend and she gave me a puzzled look then realized – gave a shriek of surprise and came dashing over. It was then that the others realized, too. They were gushing and amazed at how I looked. Even my male co-workers were amazed. 

Of course, they asked how I had been made up and I used the excuse my sister did it. They bought it and it was great party and I was in seventh heaven.

In the days after the party, the pictures did the rounds and I was talked about but not one person made any suggestion or inference that I was too good or asked if I had done this before. It was passed off as a night of fun and life went on. 

There is a postscript to this: I ended up coming out to this friend within a year and this changed my future. It really did.

Do you have an interesting Halloween story? I’d love to read it and share it with my readers. And don’t forget to send along a photo or two from your holiday in heels.

Wearing H&M
Wearing H&M

Angela's saloon girl Halloween femulation
Angela's saloon girl Halloween femulation

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