Friday, November 13, 2020

Attic Finds

My daughter asked me to climb into the attic to fetch some Christmas tree decorations she had purchased awhile back. While in the attic, I decided to go through some of the clothing I had stored there years ago.

There were about a half-dozen dresses that I thought had potential to wear again, so I moved them from the attic to my closet.

Thursday was a rainy day, so I decided to try on the dresses I had moved from the attic to see how they fit. Two were in shabby shape and beyond repair, so they went into the trash can. The others were in good shape and looked good on me, so they were keepers.

My favorite keeper was a Styleworks sequins cocktail dress that I only wore it once – to my support group’s 1994 Christmas party. I have no memory of purchasing it. My guess is that it was likely online because I was too closeted in 1994 to go dress shopping en femme or en homme. My how the times have changed!

I guess I have changed too as can be seen the 1994 versus 2020 photo comparison above.

This Brooks Brothers dress is suitable for brothers and sisters alike
This Brooks Brothers dress is suitable for brothers and sisters alike

Alberto Lionello, Max von Sydow and Renato Pozzetto femulating in the 1977 Italian horror film Gran Bollito (Black Journal).
Alberto Lionello, Max von Sydow and Renato Pozzetto femulating in the 1977 Italian horror film Gran Bollito (Black Journal). You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.
Thank you, Aunty, for the heads-up regarding this film.


  1. B!!ch, still gets into the same size after 26 years! and look gorgeous.

  2. That's a gorgeous cocktail dress , Stana - and you look equally gorgeous wearing it ( both then, and now ) !

    And I can't tell you how jealous I am , that you have the same dress size now , as you did in 1994 !

  3. You are very beautiful with that dress. Kisses.

  4. Stana, that dress is gorgeous in both pictures. You are showing off an even better shape in the newer one. Isn't it wonderful to find such treasures and realize that they still fit and look great? ❤

  5. After a period of chubbiness, a couple years ago I was able to get into the first dress I wore on my first night out alone on Hallowe'en in 2000. It's a long black dress with a square cut top that displays "my girls". Originally they required serious pushing up, but that was before I took a prostate-shrinking drug. Smaller prostate, B-cup breasts: 2 for 1, not a bad trade off. I looked good! I haven't tried it on lately as sequestration seems to have added to my girth. I heard a funny retort on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me on NPR this morning. There was a comment about a trend in shopping -- more was being spent on bags and purses during the pandemic. The comment was, "That's because they're the only things that "fit" anymore. So true.

    One of the things I've noticed about us as I've pored over thousands of photos over the years is that we seem to look better as we get older. Stana, you look nice in the early photo but you look much more womanly in the latest photo. Your figure is more feminine, as already noted, but there's just something about your demeanor, the way you present yourself that says "woman" that you weren't projecting at an earlier age. It seems to me that as we spend more time as our female selves we gain confidence. We gain a better understanding of both of ourselves as we grow into our womanly self. Then the photos start to make us look a little younger -- probably as we become more proficient with our makeup and the way we carry ourselves. But age catches up with us -- me, for sure -- but our feminine skills still get us the occasional "Ma'am". Hell, with my red lips facemask on even I get more of that lately! So I'm not surprised at Stana looking gorgeous in her old dress. She puts in the time and effort and has done so for many years. And now the pretty crossdresser looks like a very lovely woman. Good for you, girl!

  6. atana i shall have to think about putting the above pics of you in the same dress a quarter of a century apart on my fridge, in order to act as incentive to do be able to likewise with all my old skirts and dresses that languish forlornly in suitcases on the top of my wardrobe, hoping against hope to be worn by their owner again someday!

  7. Fabulous dress! But at least in size you clearly haven't changed that much, you're doing much better than me I've put on 14lbs this year already!

    1. Thank-you, Paula. Actually, I was 25 pounds heavier in the first photo!