Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Wearing COVID-19 masks has put the emphasis on our eyes. More than ever, a girl has to be expert at applying eye makeup. I am no expert, but I have learned a few things over the years. 

In the past, I have had a number of makeovers primarily for the purpose of learning how professionals would apply makeup to my face. The problem is that it is difficult to see what the artist is doing if you are the canvas. 

One Jim Bridges’ makeover, Jim proffered a handheld mirror so I could watch what he was doing. In theory, that should work, but in practice, it did not because holding a mirror up to my face impeded what Jim was trying to do. I could view the results of each step of his makeup application, but I could not see how he performed the application.

Back when I was trying to learn a few things, videotapes were popular and I bought a VHS tape called The Eyes Have It by Donna Mills, a drop-dead gorgeous actress, who had beautiful eyes. On the tape, Donna showed how she did her makeup step-by-step.

After watching the tape once, I set up my makeup mirror next to the television and played the tape again applying each step of Donna’s routine to myself. You can see the results in the accompanying Polaroid. 

I have thinned my eyebrows considerably since that 1992 Polaroid, but 28 years later, I still follow Donna’s routine to do my eyes. The videotape is no longer for sale unless you can find a used copy on eBay or elsewhere, however, the video is available on YouTube in various forms.

Doing my eyes a few months ago, I noticed that my eyelashes were not what they used to be! There weren’t as many lashes as I had in the past and the lashes that I did have were not very long. 

“Old age stinks,” I muttered.

Being an Avon Lady, I recalled that Avon had a product that could solve my problem. Called Avon Clinical Unlimited Lash, Avon claimed that I could “Get lush lashes that are all yours.” Avon's “unique serum, with a peptide blend and botanicals, is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes. In just weeks, lashes look longer, fuller and healthier.”

I purchased a tube and began applying it religiously every evening. 

Six weeks later, I was impressed how my eyelashes had improved. My lashes looked much fuller and longer than they did back in September. 

“Old age doesn’t have to stink,” I proclaimed.

Wearing Venus
Wearing Venus

Bernard Bresslaw femulating in the 1973 British film Carry On Girls.
Bernard Bresslaw femulating in the 1973 British film Carry On Girls.
You can view the film on YouTube.


  1. Jim Bridges was the make-up artist to the stars (Barbara Stanwyck used Jim exclusively). I had many make-overs from Jim. Both at his shop in Studio City and at many conventions. I do agree Stana, it's hard to learn make-up skills from getting a make-over.
    Angel Amore

  2. I had that video also "The eyes have it"

    Stana -- We are sisters

  3. I know - the last few times I've gone out, my prep time is governed by "where am I going, and will I ever be able to unmask?" If the answer to the latter is No, I concentrate on my eyes even more so.

  4. So glad to see Jim Bridges name in print! I visited Jim in Studio City and even more than his formidable makeover skills, I appreciated his advice and his caring nature. He was just a nice man.

  5. "THE SECRET WARDROBE" ??? Anyone hear of it?November 17, 2020

    I recall a reference to "Jim Bridges Boutique" while watching a broadcast(late 1980's) called "The Secret Wardrobe". I was totally gobstruck.
    Yet at that point in time, I could never locate the store nor have I ever seen/heard of the Video ever again.
    Anyone hear of "The Secret Wardrobe"?

  6. I would love to wear Wearing Venus above doing house work ! soo cute !

  7. This is so timely, Stana, so thanks for posting. Spending more time myself trying to improve in this area, so you are a sweetie for covering this topic for us.