Thursday, November 12, 2020


Shopping at JCPenney, I quickly found a half-dozen dresses to try on, but the one I really liked was missing its belt. I could not swipe a belt from another dress because the belt was attached to the dress with a plastic tie, so I stopped a passing saleswoman for help.

She told me to take a dress that had a belt to the cashier and she would cut the tie for me. So I carried my half dozen dresses plus one to the cashier and waited while she rang up another customer.

The saleswoman came by while I was waiting and said to the cashier, “She just needs you to cut the tie on a belt so she can try on the dress.”

The cashier retorted, “Oh, I thought she was waiting to pay for the dresses.”

The saleswoman replied, “No, she wants to try them on first.”

My day could have ended right there! All the “she’s” (referring to me) flying through the air was wonderful and so affirming.

Wearing Intermix
Wearing Intermix

Karl Davies and Patrick Walshe McBride femulating in a 2018 episode of British television’s Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.
Karl Davies and Patrick Walshe McBride femulating in a 2018 episode of British television’s Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I also love being referred to as SHE and HER when I’m out femulating. When I’m in guy mode (99% of the time) and with a friend that knows of Sheila, it’s fun to talk about “Sheila” as if she’s another person. I don’t do it because I’m afraid a stranger might hear me say something like “I’d love to wear that gorgeous dress”, but rather I enjoy referring to myself as SHE and HER. It’s fun telling a TG or GG friend that “Sheila would love that dress ... SHE’s such a girly girl”.

    At my last Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, a friend and I went shopping for lingerie and outerwear at MACY’S and some other ladies’ shops. Of course, we were femulating 24/7 the week of the conference. I loved when one sale associate said to another (referring to me) ... “Have you seen HER girlfriend? They got separated and SHE says they have to leave for dinner soon”. Of course, it was delightful buying pretty panties and a gorgeous full slip and some dresses and trying them on en femme, and being referred to as SHE and HER was icing on the cake.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I chose Sheila as my femme name because it starts with SHE.



  2. I’ve been called Ma’am at a gas station and also at a fast food restaurant. It is heart warming.

  3. Being "Ma'am"-ed or "Miss"-ed REALLY makes my day! I long ago stopped trying to figure out if I actually passed or if they were just being polite. Take the win!
    Also, I watched this episode of Shakespeare & Hathaway years ago. It was very good, on all levels. Good mystery story, and kind treatment of trans folk. I'd love to watch it again, but can't seem to find it on any platform. Well, on a platform that I already pay for! (giggle)

  4. Shakespeare and Hathaway shown March 2018. series 1 episode 7 still on BBC iplayer for 8 weeks and on Amazon video. Great TV episode, the things actors get paid to do, with so much professional help available.

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