Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Lovely Time

Eleven Septembers ago, I attended the garden wedding of two of my friends at their home on a Saturday evening. It was a beautiful and unique affair and it will always stand out from all the other weddings I have attended throughout my life.

It was a small affair – the guest list was composed of only 50 or so family and friends, but it was really a big affair because it was a very family-and-friend-oriented and vibrant event. Vibrant because it was a wedding where the kids were invited and included (most weddings I have attended in the recent past have excluded kids.)

I was very honored that my friends invited me to attend. They did not give me permission to attend en femme and I did not have to ask for their permission to attend en femme. They know me as Stana and expected Stana to attend. Friends like these must be cherished and I will always hold a special place in my heart for them.

Like my friends, their family and friends accepted me into their circle, treated me like an old friend of the family and I could not have felt more comfortable. Except for the wedded couple and two other friends who were guests, I did not know a soul going in and I am shy in such circumstances, but the other guests made me feel as comfortable as possible and I had a wonderful time socializing, dining, drinking and dancing the night away!

I wore a new dress and a new hairdo to the wedding. I received some compliments on how I looked, which just added to the wonder of the evening.

Being a garden affair, I quickly had to learn how to walk in high heels without sinking into the lawn. (The trick is to walk on your toes and not put much weight on your heels.)

I had a lovely time attending my friend's wedding and I will remember it all my life.

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Robert Livingston
Robert Livingston femulating in the 1944 film Goodnight Sweetheart


  1. I have to envy you. I would love to have experienced such an environment. Being a "t-girl" of a like age and still in the closet, you give me hope for the future.

  2. Dear Stana,

    LOVELY account! As a steady FEMULATE reader for many years, and knowing that I haven’t seen your posts every day, I don’t recall you ever sharing this wonderful remembrance before. Is this the first time you have shared this information on FEMULATE?



    1. Yes, Sheila, I did mention it back in September 2009 when it occurred. That 2009 post is basically the same as today’s post with some editing to bring it up to date.

  3. It is amazing how some weddings have that 'aura' of love and acceptance that radiates to all attendees; while other weddings are uncomfortable, staid affairs designed to show off the brides' families power and money.....
    It seems that the younger persons 'get it', while there are others who never will.

  4. You look lovely, lucky lady