Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Fantasia Fair First-Timer

Bandy was the resident canine at The Chicago House B&B 
in Provincetown, where I stayed while attending Fantasia Fair. 
She spent a lot of time resting on a couch in the B&B’s 
common areaWhenever I saw her, I would visit with her for 
a few minutes and rub the back of her ears – we became fast 
friends. While I was posing for photos before going out on Friday
evening, Bandy was off the couch for the first time in my memory 
and walked over to me. She wanted me to rub her ears and I 
happily complied while Melissa photographed the event.
After attending Fantasia Fair for the first time, the folks running the event sent attendees a questionnaire asking about our experiences attending the Fair. The questions and my answers appear below.

Attending Fantasia Fair was a great experience – so much so that I attended three more times and wrote a book about it. I intended to attend this year, but the Fair was cancelled because of the Trump Virus. So I will have to wait ’til next year to attend again.

On to the questionnaire...

What did you expect going to Fantasia Fair and how did it work out for you? 

Before going to Fantasia Fair, I read everything I could get my hands on about the event, so my expectations were that Provincetown was a very diverse and trans-friendly locale and that I would have the run of the town without having any worries. In general, my expectations were fulfilled, although I did feel nervous walking along around town late at night.

Anything funny happen?

Thursday evening, we were on our own for dinner, so a bunch of us went to the Lobster Pot to dine. As we entered the dining room, a civilian woman noticed us, so she alerted all the people at her table about our presence and they began craning their necks to get a good look. Five days in, I was sick and tired of tourists gawking at trans-ladies, so I waved at the table of gawkers using my girliest limp-wristed wave. Their mouths went agape and they quickly stuck their heads back in their menus.

Was Fantasia Fair special for you and why? Or why not? 

Fantasia Fair was special to me because it gave me the opportunity to experience being en femme for an extended period of time (seven days).

What presentation or talk was most meaningful and why?

Sandra Cole's group meeting for girls attending without their SO’s (significant others) was worth the price of admission. My SO was not very supportive about me attending Fantasia Fair and without her approval, it made me feel guilty (as do other things I do en femme). In a nutshell, Sandra made me realize that despite my wife’s lack of support, I must be true to myself and do things en femme occasionally.

For 1st timers... what did you learn that was important to you? 

Having attended a few long weekend trans-events in the past, I looked forward to the opportunity to be en femme 24/7 for seven days instead of three days. After seven days en femme, I reached a new level. I stopped thinking about the fact that I was en femme and began living like a woman. All the techniques I used to be en femme became second nature; I did not have to think about using those techniques because they were now natural. I believe that during Fantasia Fair, I came as close to being a natural woman as I could be and I hope that that second nature will stick with me forever.

What did you like about PTown?

Provincetown is very picturesque and most of the civilians I encountered were trans-friendly (or so clueless that they did not realize I was en femme). Most of the restaurants were excellent and during my 7-day stay, I think I had only one meal that was disappointing.

and not like about PTown?

Gawking tourists, cobblestone sidewalks and businesses that were closed for the season or open for limited hours.

Would you attend again?

Absolutely (budget-depending).

Is there anything you might change or add?

I would replace the cobblestone sidewalks with shag carpeting.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Stephen Riddle femulating in the British film Adventures of A Taxi Driver.
You can view the film on YouTube – the femulation begins at the 1:04:30 mark.

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