Thursday, September 10, 2020

Charley’s Aunt, Part 2

In the previous post, I wrote that there were at least 15 film and television adaptations of the 1892 play Charley’s Aunt. What follows are photos from those 15 productions (from 1925 to 1996).

1925 – Syd Chaplin in a USA film adaptation of Charley’s Aunt

1926 – Elis Ellis in the Swedish film version of Charleys Tant

1930 – Charles Ruggles in a USA film adaptation of Charley’s Aunt

1934 – Fritz Rasp in the German film version of Charleys Tante

1940 – Arthur Askey in the British film adaptation of Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt

1941 – Jack Benny in a USA film version of Charley’s Aunt

1943 – Erminio Macario in the Italian film adaptation of Charley’s Aunt (La zia di Carlo)

1952 – Ray Bolger in a USA film version of Where’s Charley?

1956 – Heinz Rühmann in the Austrian film adaptation of Charleys Tante

1959 – Dirch Passer in the Danish film version of Charleys Tante

1963 – Peter Alexander in the West German film adaptation of Charleys Tante

1975 – Aleksandr Kalyagin in the USSR television movie version of Hello, I'm Your Aunt

1976 – Jörg Pleva in the West German television movie adaptation of Charleys Tante

1987 – Charles Grodin in the USA television movie version of Charley’s Aunt

1996 – Thomas Heinze in the German television adaptation of Charleys Tante

Source: Dressbarn
Wearing Dressbarn

Jaloo femulating in the 2018 Brazilian film Paradise Lost.


  1. You need the Spanish version, from 1982, with Paco Martínez Soria.

  2. You need the Spanish version, from 1982, with Paco Martínez Soria.

  3. Danny la rue was in a great BBC production of the play in 1969, - Danny was a very famous UK drag queen. it was their first TV appearance and Danny went on to be a regular on the telly.
    See the photo of the here =

  4. Somehow Dawn's link didn't work for me. Analytic lady that I am, a search ensued and I found this photo in a BBC archive on Twitter.

    Danny LaRue is spectacularly presented as a glamorous lady. For a first-timer, the change might make the audience wonder if the mousy Charley wouldn't prefer to stay a glamorous lady. I think the farce works best when you can still "see" Charley under the disguise and he's always seeming distressed by his predicament.

    Thanks, Stana, for introducing this subject -- and then showing just a few of the probably thousands of versions of this beloved play.

  5. And the Oscar for "Not a Civilian" goes to Thomas Heinze in the German television adaptation of Charleys Tante

  6. Just a heads up to everyone that the non-aunt related film mentioned here, Paradise Lost, is on Netflix. Watched it last night with my wife, the film was rather innocuous but entertaining.

  7. My vote is for Thomas Heinze, in the 1996 version of Charley's Aunt


    1. Eugeniusz Bodo femulating Mae West in the 1937 Polish film Piętro Wyżej.

  9. In Mexico, in 1938 the movie "La Tía de las Muchachas" was made, which is the Mexican version of Charley's Aunt.

  10. i was going to suggest a british actor called brian bedford, who once appeared as a guest star in "frasier". however, rather than playing "charlie's aunt" as was my memory when i looked him up on imbd at the time, i have now been reminded that he later femulated as lady bracknell in a tv movie version of oscar wilde's "the importance of being ernest":

  11. Don't think any of them particularly pass, but Peter Alexander's purple outfit is the definite fashion winner!

  12. How do actors play this role?
    Do they act as women or men dressed as women?