Monday, September 7, 2020

Our Boards

Awhile back, Pinterest demanded that I remove an image from one of my Pinterest boards that violated their community guidelines. Fair enough, but Pinterest did not specify which image among the hundreds I had posted on Pinterest violated their guidelines. When I asked which image was the culprit, all I heard were crickets.

I did not need the hassle, so I terminated my Pinterest account. (By the way, the exact same thing happened with Google AdSense a few years ago. That’s why you no longer see ads on this blog.)

Although I no longer have a Pinterest account, I still have a presence on Pinterest.

When my Pinterest account was active, other Pinterest users saved my photos onto their own Pinterest boards and those images still exist scattered throughout the Pinterest world. As a result, there are more than one Stana boards on Pinterest today. (There are also more than one “Femulate" and “" Pinterest boards.)

One of the most comprehensive Stana Pinterest boards was created and maintained by Tricia Anne Fox. It is so extensive that I decided to link the “view my photos” link in the blog's sidebar to Tricia’s Stana board. So thank you, Tricia, for maintaining my presence on Pinterest.

Tricia has a huge collection of Pinterest boards related to us girls, so check it out; my board is not alone.

Sourced: DressBarn
Wearing DressBarn

Paco León
Paco León (left) femulating in the Mexican Netflix series La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers).


  1. Thanks but no thanks on viewing Pinterest because they do not like us - even though they allow content that, in my opinion, is way worse, even bordering on being illegal. My account was actually shut down for violating their terms.

  2. I wonder if Casa de las Flores is a common name in Mexico. I stayed at a bed and breakfast by that name in Tlaquepaque, a small town outside of Guadalajara, when I went for facial feminization surgery The B&B was owned by a gay couple and was absolutely gorgeous.

  3. My account on Pinterest was also terminated without notice and my Adsense similarly disappeared. Oh well.

  4. How does anyone 'keep up' with all this "information" and their related sites?
    Farcebook, Pinterest, Tumblr... the list is seemingly endless, as well as virtually impossible for an older person to decipher, much less, access and utilize or even start their own site.
    AT one time, I wanted to start a TUMBLR, but had no clue to 'do a site', much less, the site actually going to the trouble of explaining the process. And yet, this 'Tumblr' (business) initially sold (I think to Yahoo) for BILLIONS of dollars. Why? What is the profit motive? Never mind the cost of the 'server farm' and the related energy and labor costs.
    When do these companies decide to charge you 'rent' and 'access' fees to sites and email services? Probably not too far off.....
    Then along comes the companies algorithm decides that one of 'your photos' is somehow a 'violation of our terms of service'. What if some sort of 'special interest group' decides to complain (with malicious intent of harming a site 'they' wish to see eliminated) about 'one of your photos', and now, you got stuck with the job to figure out which photo is is 'the one' out of hundreds.

  5. i seen, i think most of them, it's a strange story of a family that has problems. The father had a mistress and they a daughter he hardly knew. A son who could be gay.A mother would believe their so called perfect life, a sister who secretly is engaged to a man. Another sister who once was married, she met him again. But he changed so much, was now a girl. there was another house of flowers, but this one was not the same, it was a club!