Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Yesterday and Today

By Paula Gaikowski

Carollyn Olson’s recent article about our continued evolution brought back so many memories of what the world was like back in the pre-Internet and in the early days of the Internet.

With the Internet came a barrage of information where before there was none. Prior to that we got our fellowship from support groups that needed to be run with upmost secrecy. Publications were seedy at best.

Then came the Internet.

I too remember Vicki Rene’s website. But my go-to website was Susana Marques TV/CD/TS/TG Directory where I found others like me – not one or two, but thousands! I found a community and would spend hours there during my evening tech support shift combing through the websites, learning the stories of others, then e-mailing them and making friends – some I still have today.

I remember on one website where a fashionable and confident girl ventured out to shops and restaurants. Wow! Could I do that someday? It took a while, but yes I did.

The scanned photos on the Susana's site that are left look so dated and vintage. Our world was very cloistered and small, limited to support groups and transgender conventions. I compare that to young people today, who are transitioning in high school. I thought this was rare, however, my friend who is in education tells me most elementary and high schools have at least one transgender student in transition. Compare that to having to meet secretly back in the 80’s.

I am so proud when I see so many young transgender persons able to come out. Many young crossdressers have girlfriends who are accepting. Most have friends they confide in and are accepted by. It’s gotten better but there is still more to be done as younger transgender persons still struggle with unaccepting parents, access to counseling, medical care and social stigma.

I invite you to take a like at the new class coming up, compare our stories and pictures with the 20-somethings of today. The social news aggregation site Reddit has scores of Subreddits dedicated to transgender persons.

Here are a few I recommend: First, Crossdressing, which is a place for crossdressers to share photos, ask questions and provide support. What impressed me most is the sheer number, the courage and confidence, the awesome make-up, fashion and just plain ol' pretty girls. So much better than I could do at that age.

Next is an interesting sub dedicated to passing called Transpassing Yes, passing as a woman. The word “passing” can easily start an argument amongst us girls, however, this generation didn’t get that memo and have thousands of transitioning persons who want advice and feedback on their looks. Once again, there is a huge number of young people transitioning and how pretty they all look.

Finally, one for the more evolved girls who tend to frequent Femulate, a sub called TransLater that is dedicated to older transgender persons.

I thought a look back was worth the time. I hope you enjoyed the memories and remember that we have much more to look forward to.

Some may say “I wish I could do it over.” You can start right now.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Alexis

This is a snapshot from a music video for the song titled Insight by Brazilian singer Luiza Possi. The video has been around for a few years, but I just recently discovered it and fell in love with it. I think you will like it, too.


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  2. Vicki René and Susan has the most thorough list of girls all over the world. I had spent countless hours going through those links and amazed by the transformations.

    I was recently reading up about female bodysuits and how they have evolved and become realistic over the years. Has anyone of you ever used or owned one? How was the experience ?

  3. It's interesting the girls dressed up in male attire ( that isn't a shock). The performer are males that looks pretty to fabulous looking!

  4. Sarah-LouseAugust 07, 2020

    Vicki’s website and Susana's Directory where both also my goto sites - Together with TG Chat, whereby I would talk for hours, (mostly into the small wee hours of the morning), to girls, admirers, and everyone. I did get to know many many amazing people, but sadly lost touch. I've tried tracking down the other members of my close nit network, but alas :(