Friday, August 7, 2020

"Too Pooped to Polka"

That’s what I say when I am exhausted!

According to the Health app on my iPhone, I walked 5.1 miles on Wednesday and Thursday, but I got nowhere fast.

Hurricane Isaias blew through here Tuesday and left a big mess here at Femulate Headquarters. No trees came down, but lots of branches did – a few to the tune of more than 20-feet in length.

I am lucky because I can conveniently dispose of the fallen by dragging it across the street into the vast forest that is my neighbor. But it took me a day and half to move it all that 5.1 miles.

We were also lucky in that we only lost power briefly when the power company turned off the juice to  repair a downed line up around the bend.

It all prevented me from answering emails and updating the blog, but with all the trees surrounding HQ, it could have been worse.

Locally, the weather pundits claim that Hurricane Isaias was worse than Hurricane Sandy and I have to agree.

Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast the day before Halloween 2012, which was the first of my five-in-a-row appearances at work en femme, but and it almost did not happen. When we lost power the evening before, I shelved my plans to go to work en femme because of the issues that a lack of electricity can cause. For example, how could I make up my face in the dark?

Needless to say, I was very disappointed, but shortly before bedtime, power was restored and I realized that I could do it after all. And it turned out to be my best Halloween en femme at work experience because no one was expecting it!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Covington County (Mississippi) Hospital womanless beauty pageant contestant
Covington County (Mississippi) Hospital womanless beauty pageant contestant 


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  2. I'm surprised you had all that damage! Here (just west of DC) we had lots of rain. No wind at all. I figured it would peter out by the time it got to you.

    I do remember one hurricane that blasted past my house on Lawn Guyland and it took every shingle off my roof. I told people I was going to put an ad in the Connecticut newspapers: "LOST: one roof. If found, please return to ...."

    1. According to the weather people, those west of the storm’s track would get lots of rain and those east of the track (me) would get lots of wind. Turned out that we got very little rain, but 70 MPH winds!

  3. Glad to hear that you didn't have much damage. Over here on the west coast, maybe two thunderstorms but not much else. I talked to family and friends that live in the northeast that had way more damage and a lot of flooding.

  4. Miss Covington County is definitely NOT a civilian!

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  6. I just found you and plan on being a regular .....