Monday, August 24, 2020

Stephanie’s Favorite Photo

Stephanie’s Favorite Photo

Stana and Stephanie
Like you have mentioned, we girls love pictures. They capture a moment in time when everything comes together as we had hoped with our look, a dress, makeup, and sometimes a great experience.

I always dress to pass in public and have been doing so since 1979. The reason I picked the picture of me on the couch in the beige chiffon cocktail dress is simple for me. It is from a Connecticut Outreach Society Holiday Party In Avon (CT) around 1998 and you were also there, as pictured. It’s amazing but you still look the same after all these years.

I had arrived early and was sitting just outside the dining area for our private party when others started to arrive. Eventually, a couple had arrived and it was somewhat obvious that it was a wife with her crossdressed husband. She looked a little uneasy, but I was also impressed that she had made the effort to accompany her husband to support him. She scanned the waiting area and when her eyes met mine, a big grin crossed her face.

She said something to her husband and then left his side and headed toward me. She sat down beside me and introduced herself. I did the same staying in my character as Stephanie. She chatted that she was so nervous being here, but she wanted to support her husband. Then she said she was so happy that I was also here because she thought that she would be the only GG (genetic girl) at the party.

Then it hit me that all this time she thought I was also a GG. Before I could reveal myself she asked me which “gurl” was my husband. Well, I have to tell you I was incredibly flattered, but I also felt bad because I was going to have to let her know that she was still alone in that category unless another GG showed up. So I simply said in my lady voice, “I came alone.”

At first she looked at me as to say, “Why would you come alone?” And then the realization of what I had said hit her.

At first she was stunned and then she said, “I’m so sorry. I thought you were a real woman.”

I must have had the biggest smile ever when I replied, “What are you sorry about? You just gave me the best compliment ever.”

She put her hand on my leg and started to laugh. “I guess you’re right. You really do look lovely and that dress is perfect.”

I do think another wife came, but whenever there was a break in the festivities, she would come my way and simply do girl talk. It was a wonderful night and I wish I knew her now to say thank you for a great evening.”

Wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes
Wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes

Ryan Alessi
Ryan Alessi femulating on television’s All That (2019)
You can view Ryan’s femulation on YouTube.
Thank you, Colin, for the info about this femulation.


  1. Oh Stephanie! Every girl's dream. You look amazing, and I'm not at all surprised she approached you like that.

  2. Stephanie, it seems that your encounter with this lady changed her attitude about this whole matter.

  3. So who's the gal in blue? Actually both of them pass really well!

    1. Do you know if Stephanie has a blog/website? She is as feminine as you are or any woman can be :)

    2. I do not believe she has a blog or website.

  4. Beautiful pictures of both of you! Does Stephanie have a blog or page? Would love to see more pics of her.

  5. Ah if only. I'm 73 now and if I knew what I know now there would definitely have been some changes when I was young.
    It's always been with me and, to a certain extent, is still there. There is absolutely no chance of me coming out of the closet and, to be honest, I don't make an attractive woman and since a road accident i have some facial scars.
    I have contemplated transitioning but there wasn't a lot of help in the sixties(if any) but with these days of the internet and more public acceptance I would have certainly looked seriously at the prospect when I was young.
    Even now I sometimes wish I had been born differently and with some medical help might have transitioned but times were different then.
    I didn't understand it myself.
    Life etc got in the way and it wasn't a thing you made public. It certainly seems easier when you are young but,for me, that has long gone.
    I've done the usual things eg joined the Navy and got married with kids but it is always hovering somewhere in the background.
    I'm not bitter and am happy in my current situation and have to resort, on very fleeting chances, to dress up when I can.
    I'm not gay but if things had been different who knows lol