Thursday, August 27, 2020

Four More Years (Goddess, Help Us!)

Writing for Vox, Katelyn Burns surmises how four more years of the current administration would affect transgender and LGBQ people (we would likely see our rights further chipped away).

Read all about it on Vox.


GOP convention speaker thanks the impeached President for rolling back transgender rights

As reported by The American Independent, Cissie Graham Lynch, the daughter of Franklin Graham and the granddaughter of Billy Graham, praised the impeached President for undoing much of the Obama administration's work to advance LGBTQ rights while giving a speech on the second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Lynch, who serves on the executive evangelical advisory board of the impeached President's faith advisory council, took aim at transgender equality in particular and engaged in fear-mongering about transgender children.

Source: Intermix
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Nathan Janak
Nathan Janak femulates Ariana Grande on television's All That.
You can view this femulation on YouTube.


  1. What happens to us if socialism takes over?

    1. Velma the labor economistAugust 27, 2020

      Careful Sharon, Your lack of a REAL ECONOMICS EDUCATION is showing! Socialism is a system of economics, not a POLITICAL SYSTEM.
      BTW, DEMOCRACY is a LIBERAL SYSTEM OF POLITICAL THOUGHT, not what you expected, huh?
      You are emotionally and viscerally reacting to what you your were deliberately mis-taught in an educational system designed by wealthy oligarchs, with the aid of your "State Board of Education, to maintain their wealth and power.
      An example of SOCIALISM that you already engage in is ANY INSURANCE SYSTEM!
      YUP! We are ALL 'betting'--by paying premiums, and hoping it is the 'other guy' who wrecks his car, or gets sick, or croaks or house burns down, ect.. The guy who 'looses', WINS! (an old life insurance joke).
      The fact there is a 'profit motive', as some insurances are private businesses makes no difference, just a matter of semantics. This was not what you were told.
      Other examples of 'The Dreaded S word': Public Schools, Public Colleges Public roads, Airports, Sea Ports, CHURCH TITHE (tithe means tax in latin), OLD TIMEY BARN RAISING, Social Security, Medicare, Community hospitals( -- the building is usually financed by the Federal government), YOUR LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT, flood insurance for homes, Farm subsidies for corporate farmers. YOUR FDIC bank insurance on YOUR MONEY.
      Other examples of SOCIALISM is YOUR TAXES going to subsidize BIG TOBACCO's cancer victims through your medical insurance payments. Your helping clean up TOXIC WASTE SUPERFUND SITES, rather than find the former corporate owner. Your taxes supporting employees of CRAP MART with food stamps, and public housing, keeping profits high, and WAGES LOW. You would not know a TRUE CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM if it sat on your face!
      THE fact is YOU ARE, you are just not the beneficiary, just the payee.
      The rich and powerful have perfected the art of 'sticking YOU with the subsidy bill through your taxes, while making even larger profits, all the while 'lauding the glories of capitalism'.

      Sooooo, instead of peeing in your pretty pink lace panties (you aint the only one, I am sure).
      Get a real education, instead of listening to THAT political fright drivel.
      GET WOKE. As the younger generation says.
      And if you happen to be a college grad, shame on you and your 'Alma Mater'. For your 'nourishing mother' fed you slop. (did you get the joke?)

    2. Thanks Velma. And let's not forget that American tax dollars via the USDA went to subsidize and support tobacco growers at the same time we were having government sponsored PSAs about smoking and cancer.

      Of course Sharon can become a true libertarian and be totally self-sufficient. Ha! Those people still take advantage of all the "socialist" gifts of the US Government and then complain about it. Go live in the woods and really be self sufficient. Let us know how that works for you.

    3. Thank you Velma for making an excellant case against socialism. We already have an overreaching government as you pointed out. Why would anyone in their right mind want more government control.

    4. Velma I could just kiss you for your smarts. Way to educate the ignorant!

  2. When Pence spoke about "liberty" last night, he was really speaking in code. "Liberty" in his warped world means the liberty to discriminate against LGBTQ folks.

    1. Oh yes he is one twisted piece of work that one

  3. Our canadian socialism works just fine. You'd have to kill me to make me move to the US these days most especially in Rump's America. The 10 happiest countries in the world are democratic socialist States like Canada, Finland, Sweden Norway etc. Keep your system as is and watch the country slowly implode as it is now.