Saturday, August 15, 2020

Someday Funnies

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Balmain

My story is like so many other girls, starting with mom's clothes, shoes, hiding for years, purging, swearing you'll never crossdress again. Then one day, something happens and you just can't hide anymore. For me it was a heart attack. I knew unless something changed, I would die either from another heart attack or by taking my own life. That's when the long journey began to accept myself as a crossdresser and as a person. It hasn't been easy, but was easier with my wife of 40 years now accepting the whole me, Allison and all. 

She is not enthusiastic about seeing or helping Allison, but it's beyond my wildest dreams that she is still here! Lots of uncomfortable conversations and crying, but something had to change. I always thought suicide was the cowards way out, but found out the hard way that that's not so. I've been at that place, a dark and lonely place. I would say to all the girls CD, trans or otherwise: please seek help, you have done nothing wrong and it doesn't go away. It's made worse by not addressing it somehow. 

I think we can agree, we are all real people and deserve love and respect no matter what side of the closet you get your clothes from or your chromosomes. LGBTQ is real and not a choice. All the politicians have failed us dramatically, not only in this aspect, but in a host of others.

I so enjoy Femulate; thanks for being here for us! Please continue! 

Hugs, Allison!! 


  1. I love hearing Allison's wife has stayed in her marriage , I hope all wives would stay in their marriages if their husband explores his feminine side .

    1. My lovely wife has known all abut Julie since before we were married. (I didn't think it was something to keep secret prior to starting a long term relationship). She has fluctuated between joining in and not wanting to be involved - but she has always been supportive of me and our relationship. Granted, I would adore if she was more supportive, but I will take what I can get.

  2. Love the comic drawing ! It is so predictive of the coming role changes between increasingly empowered Females and Their perturbed male mates who shall have to face increasingly accepting the past false 'feminine' persona they forced upon Women.... yet do not fret tomorrow's confused males - the Female Masters shall guide you quit adeptly in adapting to your proper ladylike roles as Their sweet demure dainty dutiful husbette mates.

    (Of course They shall do so with great love... yet do expect to have to accept the great mirthful humor They enjoy seeing your new quite ladylike submissive deport!)

  3. Definitely chuckled after the cartoon.

    The balmain outfit is perfect for cruising on a private super yacht.

    Allison’s bio resonates with many I’m sure and so glad she articulated very well the failings of the politico.

  4. Live long and prosper, Allison!

  5. OMG! Aggressive women in slacks?!? What's next, a woman running for Vice President??