Wednesday, August 19, 2020


The daily pain-demic routine is getting to me. I almost look forward to my weekly grocery run!

Last week’s grocery run was special. The grocery store is hiring and when I arrived at the store Thursday morning, there was a line of people waiting to be interviewed. All the ladies in line were dressed appropriately – skirts, dresses, hosiery, heels, makeup, etc. I have not seen such a feminine display since the last time I dressed up and looked in the mirror!

Speaking of which... I have been dressing up to participate in a monthly Zoom board of directors meeting of my ham radio group. I am a director, secretary and the only attendee who presents as a lady. When I zoomed in last Friday afternoon, another director complimented me on how I looked.

I will have to consult with Miss Manners on this: Is it proper for a male to compliment how another male looks when he is presenting as a woman? Probably not, but I needed that and graciously thanked him for the compliment.

After the board meeting, I usually take some photos because I am already made-up, bewigged and have some new outfits to model, as was the case this past Friday. Three new dresses and a new pair of shoes arrived since the last board meeting – two dresses from Venus, one from Haband and a new pair of heels from Nine West. The Femulator photo below shows moi in one of the Venus dresses and the Nine West heels. My previous two posts show me in the Haband dress and other Venus dress.

I love the Nine West heels, but I have to break them in before I wear them out. Maybe all they need is Insolia inserts. I’ll try that before I wear them again.

The Venus cold shoulder shirt dress has two problems:

1. The surplice style V-neck plunges too low and reveals my bra. A safety pin or velcro will fix that easily.

2. The style of the dress may be too young for an old lady like me. I will wear it around the house, but am a little hesitant about wearing it out. (Comments?)

The Venus twofer trim detail dress is just my style. Figure-hugging and very classy – I can’t wait to wear it out.

The Haband layered-look rib-knit dress only cost $12.97. I have purchased Haband shorts, tops and sneakers in the past, but never a dress because I usually don’t find their dresses that attractive. However, this Haband offering caught my eye and will be perfect accessorized with boots when the cooler weather arrives.

That’s all, folks.

Source: Unique Vintage
Wearing Unique Vintage

Wearing Venus dress and Nine West heels
Wearing Venus dress and Nine West heels


  1. Honestly - love the shoes, lose the dress. My humble opinion.
    The Haband, however - wow! Where can I get one? And as I have stated before - I'm a sucker for leopard print, so I would GLADLY Femulate Her.
    So glad you can present at your ham radio meetings. Your question about the compliment brings up a question I have had for years. How can a hetero male compliment a lady on her outfit (at work) without seeming like a stalker? Julie-me wants to chat about wardrobe, but Drab-me hesitates due to apprehension abut coming across creepy. Suggestions?

    1. I never complimented women at work because I did not want HR to come down on me. However, I did compliment women at work who I had come out to - just one girl complimenting another.

  2. Hi Stana
    The Haband dress looks great on you! I may just have to buy it myself as I love knit and sweater style dresses - Autumn fashions are my favorite and my favorite time of year to be out and about. I would say though that the Venus surplice dress doesn't compliment you as well. Always difficult to be honest with another GF but there you have it. Leaving on a positive note, I think you pull off just about every outfit you select and model!


  3. If someone offers a compliment, do offer a demure,lady-like 'thank you' and move on to other business...
    If the benign compliment is a prelude to 'other business', you are most certainly 'on your own'. Do have a plan in place just in case... Be nice, kind and dont humiliate the other.
    I have had several positive compliments (whilst enfemme) from the nice lady at the urologist clinic, who recognized me even when I was at the 'satellite clinic'. "Why, thank you!", and off to business....
    Yeah, the 'benign compliment' at work conundrum is in play. Please observe your 'corporate culture' at your individual workplace. I once complimented a coworker about 'red highlights' in her hair. Unfortunately she did not 'get it', while nothing was said, the highlights were gone the next day.... I never knew her motivations for changing, always wondered why, this memory just percolated 'up' while writing this. BTW, H.R. was not involved.
    Transacting ( psych term for having and examining conversations) whilst 'enfemme' is different, scary and and anxiety provoking.
    Do read todays

  4. I agree that the Haband dress suits you perfectly. You have my admiration for wearing those Nine West heels. I could have managed them years ago but not any more! The Venus is a little too revealing for business attire I think.

  5. Stand, the Venus surplice dress does not really flatter you. It does read "young" and probably works better with the shorter, thinner frame of a GG. Sorry to pile on the earlier comments! I love the heels, they elongate your legs (as if they needed that!) and look fabulous.

    The twofer dress looks fantastic, and the Haband will be perfect in the fall like you said. Two out of three ain't bad!

  6. Have you heard? Payless is coming back. 300-400 stores in the planning. First in FL this Nov.

  7. Last week I was in the super market and noticed a Lady in skirt, blouse, hose and heels.

    What is surprising is how unusual was to see, I had to wonder what prompted the formality of her dress, you don't even see hose at Weddings anymore.

    The only ones wearing pantyhose is flight attendants and the DAR

  8. I don't think that the Venus dress reads particularly "young," but I do agree with comments above that it does not flatter you.

    If you sewed the sleeve slit shut, removed the cuff tie, and kept the striped cuff, it would look better. And if you narrowed the skirt to a simple A-line, or pencil skirt, it would show off your slim figure better.

    But that's just one old woman's opinion -- an old woman who didn't wear sleeveless garments even in the long-ago years of her beautyhood, because sunburn and stuff.

  9. That wrap dress didn't even look good on the model, its too short, just looks wrong somehow. You will look great in the Haband dress. I want the teal or the plum for me.

  10. The Nine West heels rock but are (IMHO) too nice for that dress. The Venus cold shoulder shirt dress looks as if French Maid met Union Jack in unholy matrimony...😉 Not flattering! The other two dresses look nice from out here in the peanut gallery. I especially like the draping of the Cardi (if it's a two-piece). No offense intended Stana!